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The Money Link Review (Jeff Zananiri)


Double, triple or even 20-times your money? With safe, blue chip stocks? Without worrying about whether the market goes up or down? Even if it totally tanks again?

Yep! According to a new YouTube ad by The Money Link, it’s possible. In fact, the guy in the video—Joy of the Trade founder, Jeff Zananiri—says he made a million dollars in just 30 minutes, and he can prove it.

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“I know this sounds crazy,” Jeff continues. “And that the market sounds like a dangerous and unpredictable place right now. But here’s the thing: you don’t need to predict anything to make money.”

“You just need some simple math. I spent 10 years as a portfolio manager at an elite hedge fund that took $5.1 million to $700 million.”

“We had a strategy so consistent that we didn’t have a losing quarter in 10 years. Click this ad now, to see how I can help you—the little guy—during these very difficult markets.”

“The secret ingredient? Is what I call ‘money links.’ If you know how to spot ’em, you’ll make an absolute killing. To put it simple, when two stocks are linked, one dollar spent with one company generally means one dollar lost with another.”

“The longer and stronger the money link, the more you could earn from it. Like $12,870 from the Apple-Blackberry link. Or $13,590 on the money link between Amazon and Walmart. And what about a whopping $20,380 on the Tesla-Ford money link?”

“If you put $5,000 in all three of these money links, you’d be sitting on $234,200 right now! That’s almost a quarter mil! And the best part is, you don’t need any special training to take advantage of these money links.”

“And, these aren’t risky penny stocks. And if you have a modest trading account, 401(k), and IRA, you could get started today.”

“It couldn’t be any simpler. When two stocks are linked, you could get paid even while the rest of the market is tanking. Because while the markets are unpredictable, money link is a mathematical fact.”

“Listen, I saw a lot of talking heads playing guru during the bull market. It was easy. They could just throw a dart at the wall and make money.”

“But now that things have gone south and gotten a little more complicated, you need someone who has produced actual, real, consistent money during extreme volatility.”

“Click on this ad and let me show you how you can get started today and find your first $10,000 money link as early as tomorrow.”

Jeff Zananiri has serious shyster vibes

WealthPress Webinar

I went ahead and clicked the button, entered my name and email, and, moments later, the recorded live webinar began. As expected, Jeff Zananiri (along with an annoying sidekick who went by Roger Scott) proceed to talk and talk and talk but say absolutely nothing for the entire presentation.

Basically, Jeff gave a bunch of vague scenarios about how if you would’ve invested just $5k on such-and-such a link, you would’ve made a 4,750% return. Or something.

He never explains how. Or why, if such amazingly profitable trades existed, the entire world wouldn’t already know about ’em. I mean, you’d think, if people were getting rich quick with virtually no risk, starting with very little money up front, the word might get out. But no. Apparently, only Jeff knows about this.

And wait. With returns like that, shouldn’t this dude be a billionaire and have better things to do with his time than clumsily read from a script on this sketchy webinar? Hmm.

Eventually they get to the pitch. The product’s called Link Trade Profits. It costs $2,497 (plus $1 annually for renewal). That’s for the Elite package, which grants you unlimited access to the following:

  • Your first “link trade” sent via email.
  • 52 more link trade alerts sent throughout the year.
  • Market links review videos featuring updates, hot new opportunities and answers to your questions.
  • A report called The Strength Of Links: How To Collect $30,650 No Matter What Happens In The Markets.
  • A “hedge fund manifesto” titled Insider Link Secrets.
  • Something called The Crisis Gap: How Regular Joes Get Rich In A Crisis.
  • The Link Trade VIP Hotline, where you can call anytime you need help.

Wow. Incredible. You should totally buy this. Oh, and don’t worry—they’ve made it risk-free.

The Money Link “guarantee” says it all

Link Trade Profit Guarantee

Gee, that’s weird. I recognize some of those names. Lance Ippolito and Rob Booker run similar YouTube ads for similar get-rich-quick-trading courses. Weirder yet, they’re all associated with a financial publishing company called Wealthpress.

Wait, you don’t think they’re all in cahoots, do ya? Meaning, like, if you did complain about Link Trade Profits and Jeff “made it right” by buying you one of his “competitor’s” products… he would still make money? No, couldn’t be!

Un-f*cking-real. There’s dirty. And then there’s dirty. In my opinion, Jeff Zananiri and company are all sociopaths who lie for a living and couldn’t care less… ’cause, hey, at least they’re making millions selling you the system. Right?

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