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Llados Fitness Net Worth Might Surprise You


Scrolling through @LladosFitness on Instagram will do one of two things: either light a fire under your ass or give you the self-esteem of a porta potty. Depending on the mood I’m in, it could go either way.

Regardless, the eye candy’s unreal with this dude. Muscles, money, exotics, excursions. Oh and don’t forget all the T&A—courtesy of his woman, @Thalia.mcix. (Ooh lawd!)

Llados Wife

“My channel’s mainly fitness. But also cars, lifestyle,” he told @TJMillionaireMentor when the two teamed up for a YouTube video. “I’m an online trainer. I started as a trainer in a gym and I scaled my business slowly, slowly, slowly,” he explained.

“And now I have several online businesses. I own Llados Fitness as my online coaching. We’ve transformed more than 10,000 people. We’re a team of nearly 15 people.”

“And I also own Recoverev, my CBD company, my supplements. Everything is online, ya know, and [I’m] always looking for more, striving for getting better, and sharing it with everyone on YouTube [plus Instagram and TikTok].”

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So how’d he do it? According to Llados, it all comes down to “believing in yourself. Work for it. Everything’s possible if you have the correct mindset and follow the correct steps,” he said.

He also offered some tough love. If you’re just getting started in business, stop worrying about investing in every “great opportunity” that comes across your desk. Bitcoin, real estate, etc.

Until you’ve built up a significant bankroll, it won’t matter. So for now, put your head down and work. Acquire skills. Gain experience. Save so you actually can put your money to work for you one day.

Llados Cars

And don’t think it’s as simple as “just follow your passion,” Llados warns. If everything falls into place and you can build a business around the thing you love most, great. But chances are, that’s not how it’s gonna go down.

“I was in a situation… I had to eat,” Llados recalled. “So I’ve done everything. I’ve washed dishes. I’ve washed cars. I had three jobs. I worked hard at what I didn’t like so I could pursue my passion on the side.”

Today, of course, he’s blessed to be able to make a living from fitness, but there’s no way he could’ve started there on day one.

Moral of the story? Stop looking for the magic pill. Do what you have to do, right now—whether you enjoy it or not—till you’re in a position (meaning, you’ve got the time and money necessary) to monetize your main thing.

Llados Fitness Vacation

Once you do, it’s all about vision and executing on the basics more consistently and at a higher level than anyone else. That’s how you win, Llados says.

And speaking of winning, it seems like all the guy does is stack Ws nowadays. So what’s it add up to, right? How much money is the man behind Llados Fitness actually worth? We’re confident his net worth is at least $12 million dollars.

Obviously, only he and his accountant know for sure. But either way, the number’s going in one direction and one direction only: UP! Congrats to the entire Llados Fitness team!

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