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The Local Boss Program Cost, Critique


“You could take it all away from me,” begins Adam Davies in his latest YouTube ad for The Local Boss. “My Rolex, my cars, my home, my cash—absolutely everything from me.”

“In fact, strip me naked if you have to. All I need is $100, a laptop, and the internet, and I’m able to generate a $50,000 per month income,” he continues.

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“And that’s with no previous contacts, I have no college degree. I’m not some specialist, smart guy. Literally just a regular guy who was able to find a two-step process that enabled me to kill my 9 to 5 job and finally break free from the employment system and literally have a life of freedom.”

“Complete freedom,” he clarifies. “I’m talking: financial freedom, time freedom, and location freedom. Okay?”

“If you wanna know how it’s done—because I’ve taught this to hundreds of people now; I’ve literally been on TV and spoken about these processes and everything…”

“If you wanna know how it’s done, all you need to do is click somewhere around here, pop your email in, and I will send you the video, instantly, that reveals the two-step process of how to kill your 9 to 5—quickly and easily. Check it out.”

And with that, his video ad comes to a close.

What did I think about this ad for The Local Boss?

Adam Davies News Clip

I think Adam Davies literally loves saying the word literally.

I think he found a clever way to humble brag, letting us all know he’s got a Rolly, cars, crib, etc.—without being overly douchey about it.

I think he either misspoke or lied when he said he turns $100 into $50k per month. I’m hoping he meant: starting with only $100, I could work my way back to that level of income. Even then, I mean, ClickFunnels, alone, costs $100/mo. Then you’d need extra for ad spend. Right?

I think the local news will have almost anyone on TV, but props for getting out there and doing something to seem more credible. Even if he did just go on and rehash the 80/20 Rule.

I think, when someone says you can kill your day job in just two quick and easy steps, I wanna shout profanities using my outside voice, inside.

How much does The Local Boss cost?

Pricing Local Boss

Unfortunately, you’d need to book a call with Adam’s team to find out. Update: I just received the following email regarding pricing.

Local Boss Pricing Email

Welp. That answers that. Also, see why the “testimonials” these gurus share should be taken with a grain of salt? They’re almost always gotten by bribing the students.

That said, I think what Adam Davies teaches (how to run ads for local businesses) is a great skillset to learn.

It’s just that, it’s not as good as what we do. We rank small, simple websites in Google, and rent the leads back out to business owners.

With no ad spend, you make a lot more. Plus, it’s more stable. Facebook, for example, can’t deactivate your ad account for no reason. As they often do.

But I gotta be honest: you’re in for a helluva lot more than two steps. And it’s not gonna happen overnight. That okay?

If so, before you leave, you should at least check it out. I’ve put together some videos—from my mentor—that’ll tell ya everything you need to know.

Care to watch ’em? Cool. Click below and pay very close attention.

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