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Dan Lok net worth: Dan Lok is an internet marketer, author, TEDx speaker, high-ticket sales expert, luxury suit wearer, and backseat Bentley vlogger, with a net worth – I’m guessing – of around $25 million dollars.

You probably already know Dan Lok’s story, but in case not, it goes like this: born in Hong Kong, moved to Canada with mom as a teenager, dad stayed to make money but went bankrupt, Dan began bagging groceries to chip in, tried college, said f*ck that, took an internship with a pro copywriter, developed that high-income skill, failed at 13 businesses, finally saw success, went on a rampage, millionaire by 30, eight-figure biz today.

Like so many other online marketers I’ve written about, Lok makes his millions from books, courses, coaching, certification programs, speaking, swag, events, and masterminds.  Then puts his money to work by investing the profits both back into his internet businesses to scale… and into other projects and financial assets which are more hands-off.

What’s crazy is how he seemingly came outta nowhere and now he’s everywhere.  All over social media.  Urrbody’s podcast, urrbody’s seminar.  You name it, there’s Dan Lok.

And, is it just me, or is this dude unintentionally, screamingly funny?  I dunno.  Like, the accent, the seriousness, the blunt advice – I just find it helpful and hilarious all at once.  Anyways.

Truth is: he’s far from an overnight success and he’s the first to admit it.  His rags-to-riches path was paved in hard fought lessons.  And I’m sure you can learn a thing or fifty-three if you follow this man.

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