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Lucas Lee-Tyson Growth Cave Reviews

Lucas Lee-Tyson GrowthCave.com

Lucas Lee-Tyson, founder of Growth Cave, pulled his balls out when he made this YouTube ad. Before I reveal his controversial comments, here’s a case study you can totally copy:

Alright, back to Lucas Lee Tyson and his trash talking ad:

“I don’t have a Lamborghini. I don’t have a garage filled with books that contain all the knawledge that I need,” he starts off, mocking Tai Lopez. “But what I do have, is I have an online business that has generated me over $250,000 [in the last year]… and I only work around seven hours per week,” he continues.

Skeptical? Me too. But don’t worry, Lucas has the screenshots to prove it. He’s not like all the fake gurus you see online these days. (Can you sense my sarcasm? Good.)

And look, even though he’s not flashy, Lucas wants you to know… he’s FREE. He can work from anywhere, as much or as little as he wants, and there’s no ceiling on what he can make.

And guess what? If you click his YouTube ad and sign up for his “webinar,” he’ll show you all of his secrets—and this is stuff nobody else is talkin’ about! Oh, but you better hurry, Lucas says. It’ll only be up for the next couple days. (Riiight. We believe ya, buddy.)

Growth Cave Training Lucas Lee-Tyson

Also, is it just me, or is it ironic that someone who’s only made a quarter-million dollars is about to reveal the “secret weapon of all 7-figure entrepreneurs and agency owners?”

Okay, fine. He’s young, so he gets a pass. I’ll quit harping on his hypocrisy. Let me enter my email and give Lucas a chance to redeem himself here. (Done.) Here’s the email he sent:


Joe – The productize webinar is starting now!




The productize webinar is starting right now.

Go here to join me:

Webinar Link >>

We’ve had hundreds of registrations for this webinar, but unfortunately we don’t have enough seats.

It’s best to show up early (right now) to make sure you secure a seat.

Also, please make sure you use a DESKTOP COMPUTER or LAPTOP and NOT a mobile phone.

The software we’re using doesn’t behave on
mobile and using a computer will dramatically improve your experience.

You’re in for some awesome training!

I can’t wait to share these methods with you.

See you inside!

– Lucas

Luckily, when I clicked the link, I was able to get a seat to the “live” webinar. Sure feel sorry for all those who didn’t make it in time. (*Wink.)

It begins with the usual: pics of Lucas livin’ his best life, half-blurred-out screenshots, and, if I stick around, he’ll show me “how to get high-value clients fast” and “the three things I need to scale my business to $10,000 per month quickly!” Plus, if I make it till the very end, I’ll get some bonus software, a list of proven offers, and a workbook. Woo-hoo!

Now for the rags-to-riches setup. Lucas was down to his last $10 and drowning in credit card debt when he began freelancing as a digital marketer. In 2017, a personal trainer paid him $6k to setup a funnel. That’s when he knew he was onto something. Problem was, he was constantly hustling to make ends meet. Lucas had built a job, not a business. A lightbulb went off: he needed to “productize” his offer—to make his service so streamlined, it can be automated, outsourced, and scaled.

So that’s what he did, and it’s been downhill ever since. And now, as you might’ve guessed, Lucas has productized everything he’s learned thus far and turned it into a course appropriately named Productized Profits. Inside, you’ll learn the basics of how to run Facebook ads for small businesses.

Facebook Ad Example Growth Cave

Which is totally legit, but there are a few things I want you to consider before pulling the trigger on The Productized Profits System, which costs $1,497 or three installments of $597, as you can see here:

Productized Profits System Cost

A review of what you get with Lucas Lee-Tyson and Growth Cave’s “Productized Profits” course.

(That’s actually a solid offer and dirt-cheap, if you ask me. But once again, Lucas seems to stretch the truth, claiming you have to “buy right now” or the price jumps to $6k. Which I doubt. And it’s tactics like that that drive me nuts. Anyhoo, back to my three main objections…)

One, there are hundreds, if not thousands of other experts teaching this. If Facebook ads are a skillset you’d like to master and monetize, why not learn from someone who’s been doing it longer? Who’s spent more? Made more?

Hell, I’ve made more off Facebook ads in one month than Lucas has in the entire last year and I don’t even sell a course on it. Also, with each program enrolling hundreds, if not thousands of students, you have to wonder about saturation. Not only that, but ad costs go in one direction: up. This makes it harder to turn a profit.

Two, Facebook ad accounts get shut down left and right. If that happens, and all your eggs are in that basket, you’re screwed. And you’ve got nothing to show for whatever work you’ve done up to that point.

Three, there are only so many niches that play well with Facebook ads. Think about it: could you run a newsfeed ad for an emergency plumber, for example, and expect it to produce results? No. Because if the toilet’s not clogged and the pipe hasn’t burst, there’s no reason to respond to an ad for a plumber. When you really think about it, there are only a dozen or so niches that make sense to advertise via Facebook ads.

But what if there was a similar model that patched these holes? That hardly anyone else is teaching? We’re talkin’: lower competition. Endless niches because they all work with this free traffic source. You own and control the assets you’re building, and rent them out monthly. And on and on.

Would you at least like to check it out? Maybe compare it to Growth Cave’s Productized Profits program? If so, this’ll tell you everything you need to know—simply click the link below.

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