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Luke Alexander Reviews (Vitalis Media)

Vitalis Media Case Study FB Ad

Luke Alexander can help course creators triple their business in the next 30 days. This, if his latest Facebook ad is to be believed. I’m skeptical, so I’ll go through his funnel and try to shoot holes in his offer below.

But before I get into my Vitalis Media review, you might wanna watch this case study. Why? Because my mentor and another one of his students will show you how to create “virtual toll booths” you can copy.

As you can see, Luke Alexander talks a big game. Anyone, he says, can scale to six and seven figures, with ease, using his three step system. In the short video on his opt-in page, he assures everyone the case study will be fluff-free.

Vital Media Squeeze Page

Time to find out. I clicked the turquoise button, typed in my email, hit submit, and was taken to the case study as promised. I also got this email from Luke:


What did you think of the training?





I wanted to thank you for checking out our free webinar/info-product training.

This training is perfect for anybody looking to take their Info-product or Coaching business to the next level.

Here’s what you should do next:

FIRST:  Click Here to watch this training video now (if you haven’t already…

SECOND:  Apply For Your Own Custom Marketing Strategy Session.

>> Click Here To Apply For Your Marketing Strategy Session

This is where I will personally get on a zoom call with you to determine:

Where your business currently is and what can you do to grow

If your business is the right fit for a custom Webinar Funnel or other system

What missing pieces are keeping you from scaling to 7-Figures

And ultimately whether or not we can work together to automate and scale your info-product or education business

If you feel you’re ready to take the leap and move forward fast with your business then book your strategy session and let’s see how I can help!

>> Click here to apply for your Strategy Session Now

Talk to you soon,

– Luke

Vitalis Media
3725 kettering court, Bldg 9, Apt 202
Beavercreek, Ohio 45324, USA

Now I’ll watch his case study and share my thoughts on it.

Vital Media Six Seven Figures

The video kicks off and, after Luke tells us what he’s about to tell us, he introduces himself quick. The highlights are as follows.

  • Luke Alexander is the founder of Vitalis Media.
  • He’s helped several 7-figure entrepreneurs scale and automate their info product and coaching businesses with paid traffic and webinar funnels.
  • And he’s crafted a system that can take any info product business from good to great, immediately.

I should note: he’s not using a webinar in his own funnel, which is interesting.

Luke then says if you’re not taking advantage of Facebook ads right now, and their low CPMs, you’re leaving serious money on the table. I disagree. Yes, the pandemic briefly scared a lot of competitors off the platform, thus lowering costs. But in our space? Not so much. Many course creators and coaches are struggling to see a positive ROI.

Luke then points out why most info marketers are failing: they don’t have a conversion system in place. Add to that low, inconsistent, or poor quality traffic, and it’s no wonder they can’t scale to seven figures, he says.

It’s amusing, Luke admits he, himself, does not have a seven figure business, but he knows people who do. I like the honesty, but how’s my man gonna help me go from zero to millionaire if he’s never been there himself?

And why’s he raving about webinar-to-automated-sale funnel, when he’s running a VSL-to-phone-sale funnel?

Luke Alexander Webinar Funnel

And nobody in the industry’s making $5,000+ sales from a webinar. Like Daniel Pope from Be Known Today says, the cutoff is about $2,500 for an automated sale. Anything above that’s gonna need a phone call.

Luke wraps up the video by going over what software his team likes to use for these webinar funnels, pointing out how techie and cumbersome it is, sharing a testimony, and asking us to book a call.

There’s no mention of price point, but if we compare it to other done-for-you funnel builders, like FunnelSteve, you’re probably looking at $10k or more.

I think Luke’s a good guy and Vitalis Media would deliver on their promise of setting all this up for you. And there’s value in that. It is a lot of work.

But, in general, I think people are over webinar funnels. I know I am. And I didn’t like the hypocrisy. If it’s so great, why isn’t he using it? I would have liked to see some examples, too. I wonder if he just didn’t have any to show.

Consider what we do as an alternative. It’s low-tech. No ad spend. No products or inventory. You don’t need a course or coaching program, either. There’s no selling involved. No customer support. It’s simple, scalable, and works for the average person. Here, I’ll prove it:

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