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How To Make Money Blogging

I’m in my office for a change. About to crack open this sugar-free Red Bull. When I don’t have the outdoor security cameras pulled up on my TV, I like to turn on Netflix and put it on mute. Not really sure why. Anyway, when I’m not in Cabo or Colorado or Hawaii or someplace cool, this is where the magic happens:

Home Office Magic

If you made it this far, you should have already read about:

  1. How I make millions blogging
  2. How to start a blog like mine

I’ll be using affiliate links again. If this is helpful, I hope you’ll click them and buy the recommended tools. It’s how I make money. And, as you’ll soon see, probably one of the main ways you will as well. I don’t recommend anything you don’t absolutely need. Or that I don’t use myself. I’ve also secured free trials and and discounts in some cases. So we both win. Cool?

You should have a WordPress blog up and running, courtesy of Bluehost. Rocking the Thesis theme. Home, About, and Contact pages are live. So is your first blog post. Which was based on a keyword Semrush told you to write about. Do not proceed until all that’s done. Promise it is? Perfect. Let’s turn that blog into a business. Something that can make you thousands a month, if not per day.

First things first. Mindset. You have to toughen up. We all do. I have one rule: do something that sucks every day. Cold shower. Hard workout. Fasting until seven at night. Confronting that person about that thing that’s really uncomfortable. Whatever. Could be anything. As long as you’d really really really rather not do it. Callous the mind, as David Goggins says. Find out how much more you’re capable of. Make things that once seemed difficult—like publishing a new blog every day—start to seem laughably easy compared to, say, that one mile you did all-out on the treadmill this morning.

Next, productivity. The biggest needle mover for me was quitting social media. It’s extreme, but worth a try. I silence my phone, throw it in a drawer when I start blogging. As you can see, I keep my workspace clean and clutter-free. Other than that, just basic things to try and maximize my energy and outlook. Getting good sleep. Eating fairly clean. Drinking lots of water. Trying to get some sun every day. Staying away from any negativity, online or off. Consuming as much positive content as possible. Even if it’s just rereading some of the millionaire quotes here on Millyuns.

The only other thing I’d say is, have fun and be yourself. Give your readers a reason to pick you over everyone else. Most blogs are just snoozy knockoffs of the OGs in that space. That can earn you some money, but not a lot. We want to model success, not be a bunch of uninspired copycats. Agreed? Awesome.

*Working on this page now. Keep coming back, refreshing.