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Joel Marion Net Worth

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Joel Marion net worth: Joel Marion, fitness entrepreneur, influencer, investor, has an estimated net worth of $500 million dollars.  Swish!

Joel’s journey went from high school PE teacher, to botched book author, to e-publisher, to co-founding a supplement company, to online influencer.

If you study Joel Marion, you’ll notice some recurring themes: (1) he powers-through everything (aka he goes all-the-f*ck in), (2) he’s able to scale stupid-fast, and (3) email marketing is his bread n’ butter.

Case in point: his supplement company – BioTrust Nutrition – did more than $100 million dollars in revenue in its first full year.  Escalate quickly, it did.  How?  Like, what’s Joel know that us amateurs do not?

Well, Mr. Marion understands customer lifetime value.  More than that, he’s made peace with risk.  And he’s patient.  Right?

Cuz urrbody gets lifetime value.  It’s just that, they still can’t help but act from a place of scarcity.  They wanna make money on day one.

Whereas, Joel Marion will gladly take an L in the short-term… knowing a big-ass W’s comin’ later on.  And, because of this, he can advertise more aggressively, outbid his competitors, get favored by the algorithms and platforms he’s runnin’ ads on, and ultimately, suck up more leads and buyers in less time.

Now sprinkle in great copywriting and a superior approach to email marketing, and Marion’s millions make a ton of sense.

And, I know what you’re thinkin’: “B-b-but Cory, isn’t email marketing dying?”  Not gonna lie – it’s getting up there in age.  But like, what Joel does, is, for example, he only sends blasts and autoresponders to subscribers who’ve been active in the last 30 days.

This leads to great open rates, which causes the gatekeepers to chill TF out and deliver his sh*t.  Here again, mindset is key.

Most marketers are all: “Hey, I spent big money to get all these leads – I’ll be damned if I’m not gonna send emails to each and every one of ’em.  After all, I earned that right!”

But that short-sightedness backfires.  Poor open rates cause those same gatekeepers to just assume everything you send is junk, and therefore treat your future emails as such.  And zero percent of a bigger number is still zero, isn’t it?

So learn from Joel Marion.  If the reasoning isn’t powerful enough, perhaps his results are.

Just think: by 40, he’ll probably be completely exited from BioTrust, sittin’ on a mountain of money, impacting the world with his new calling to raise others up by blending business and faith.

Great lessons, great guy.

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