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SMH: Internet Marketers Don’t Get It

People don’t follow, share, opt-in, or buy because:

  • You have a cute logo.
  • Or a pretty website.
  • Or a fancy funnel.
  • Or a 19-page free report.
  • Or an irresistible tripwire.
  • Or cuz you know FB ads.
  • Or learned copywriting.
  • Or studied under bun-in-the-Ovens.
  • Or create content nonstop.

If that was the case, any idiot IMer who did the basics would be winning.  But they aren’t, are they?

Here’s the fix: magnetism, not minutia.

Worry more about drawing people to you and less about tools and tactics.

Understand: those things only matter when you’re appealing AF.  Right?  That’s where it gets confusing.

You go, “Russell Brunson uses this type of funnel, so that’s what I need, too.”  Or, “Gary Vee posts quotes on Instagram eleventy-hundred times a day – maybe that’s the secret!”

But what you’re missing is: those guys, along with the others makin’ millions online, are masters of getting and maintaining attention.

Make sense?  Like, their websites, strategies, software, and sh*t wouldn’t matter if they weren’t magnetic.

Same goes outside of internet marketing.  Take Nicki Minaj in this video, for example.  Some of her lyrics are cringe-y.  But her charisma’s off the charts.  She’s fascinating.  That’s why she wins.

Now here’s the good news, because, based on these examples, you probably think you have to be really attractive or great on video or a dynamic public speaker… but you don’t.  You can be an introvert.  You can do it without pics and podcasts and vids.

How?  With writing – same as I’m doin’, here.  Duh.

Either way, doesn’t matter.

Regardless of how you deliver your message on the internet, here’s what it comes down to: energy.

Do yourself a favor and read that back like five more times.

I’m serious.  That might be the most millionaire tip I could give you right now.

Here’s what I mean by energy:

People’ll throw sum mo… money your way… when they can feel you, your personality, your fire, your passion, your soul!

When they read your words or listen to your interview or watch your YouTube video and go, “Damn, that’s me!”  Or at least, “Dude, I totally get this person.”

See what I’m sayin’?

This isn’t some airy-fairy sh*t.  It’s quite practical.  What I’m suggesting you do is, stop trying to market and advertise and sell and start “showing up” in your “deep work” like the real you.  Maybe even the 125% you.

Go through the archives here on Millyuns.  With this in mind, tear through as many articles as you can.  You’ll see, instantly, what I mean.

Some days, I’m more serious.  The energy is low.  I don’t say anything goofy or random or edgy.  In those pieces, you can’t tell who I am or what I’m about.  Nor are you like, “OMG, this is amazing – I have to come back to this site!”  Right?

Then there are days like today.  Coffee-drinkin’, hip-hop playin’, fun-lovin’, fired-up, negative-three-f*cks-given days where I’m just me-to-the-max.  Maybe even me-and-some-change.  Ya know?  And on days like this, my art’s on another level.  Like, it looks at past art, calls it a b*tch, and shoves it in a locker.

So this rant’s as much a reminder to myself as it is me trying to preach at you: get your energy right and just fling greatness all over the web.

Cory Johnson: your momma’s neighbor’s side chick’s last Uber Eats delivery guy’s third-favorite blogger. Here’s how he makes millions of dollars blogging without being bothered.