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ChristianMartin.org Reviews (*Yawn, Snoozapalooza!)

ChristianMartin.org YouTube Ad Funnel

Christian Martin thinks you shouldn’t start a social media marketing agency. Not from scratch, anyway.

“I mean, you could, if you wanna spend the next five years of your life sitting at a keyboard, wasting your time on trial and error,” he continues, before showing off his home gym, movie room, and gorgeous balcony view from his new crib.

But there’s an easier option, says Christian. “Just take my business, let me install it in your life, so you can start making money right away,” he says awkwardly.

Oh, but you’ll have to hurry. According to the last slide on the video, there’s “only 10 more installations available this week.”

Christian Martin Scam

Which, based on the fact that he’s been running these ads for months now, you know that’s not true.

Next, when I click his ad, I land on a page where I’m asked to enter my email for a workshop that just-so-happens to be starting in a little over a minute from now. (Lucky me.)

DigitalNomad.com Sign Spinning

After opting-in, the live recorded webinar begins to play. Whaddya know? Christian Martin stumbled upon a “3-step process” and it makes him nine Gs a month, courtesy of “online sign spinning.”

WFA Christian Martin.org

From there, holy hell, this kid can talk. Forty-five minutes in, and he’s still blathering on and on about his backstory.

Come to find out, all he’s doing is running Facebook ads for local businesses like dentists, massage therapists, gym owners, and so on. Nothing wrong with that. It’s just that, it’s a little played-out.

There’s gotta be a good 500 other courses and coaching programs teaching the same thing. And if the average one has even 200 students? That’s 100,000 marketers trying to do the same thing.

Yikes. No wonder Facebook ad costs are now higher than a stilt walker’s scrotum.

This means, as hard as it is to win new clients, it’ll be even harder to see a profit.

For example, say Roofer Ronnie, who was pitched the same service by a dozen other marketers, somehow says yes to you. He’ll give you $1,000/mo for as many roofing leads as you can get. Great!

Until, that is, you blow through $800 of it on Facebook ads. Then, by the time you pay $297/mo for ClickFunnels, next thing ya know, you’re negative $100/mo.

And those numbers will only get worse. But look at the bright side: your Facebook ad account will probably get shut down before you lose too much money.

Can you sense my sarcasm? You can? Good. I’m not a fan of this business model. It’s too crowded. Too costly. Too risky. Work from anywhere, my ass.

I also don’t appreciate all the “little white lies” Mr. Martin tells throughout his funnel. It makes me not trust him. And he’s so long-winded. It’s like, dude, get to the point!

If you agree, tell ya what. Watch this.

Superior? We think so. Explained in a way that didn’t insult your intelligence or waste your time? Hopefully. On that note, assuming you’d like to learn more, click below.

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