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Movement Mastery 2.0 Course Review (By Scale Smart)

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“This video is not gonna make you a millionaire,” says Lachie Pior in yet another one of his YouTube ads.

“However, I can show ya how to make $5,000 per month in passive income in the next 20 days—with zero experience, zero up front money, and zero risk—from home, in your spare time, even if you have a 9 to 5 job or you’re in college,” he continues.

What else? It’s completely new. Nobody’s doing this. It requires just three simple steps. Has something to do with “passive income groups.” And, if you can chew gum and speak words, congrats, you’re qualified Lachie says.

But who is this dude? Has he even graduated high school? Can you trust him? And what’s this too-good-to-be-true unicorn business he’s talking about? I’ll answer all that and more.

First, though, speaking of passive income? Watch this case study.

Scale smart with lead gen.

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Lachie Pior, along with his equally young and nerdy-looking business partner, Lucas Durante, apparently have their own marketing agency over in Australia called Digital Knockout.

They then created Scale Smart, to help “amazing people launch, grow and scale consulting, coaching and service businesses.”

This particular YouTube ad leads to a pitch for their Movement Mastery 2.0 course, which costs $1,791 (or three installments of $991) and is designed to help you “make your first dough on the internet ASAP.”

Now. As for this “all new” method that “nobody’s doing,” well, that’s what we call a lie. (Shame on you, Lachie! Go stand in the corner and think about what you’ve done. And don’t ask to play Roblox later!)

Here’s what they teach: pick a niche; solve a problem; pester people on Facebook and LinkedIn and beg ’em to buy. In other words, what internet marketers have been doing since the AOL dial up days.

My only gripe against Movement Mastery

Scale Smart Review

Is it just me, or is there something irritating about a kid in a stocking cap, who just finished going through puberty, lecturing you on “a fast and reliable way to make money for life?”

I mean, how much life have these two lived? How much business experience could they possibly have?

Talk to me when your websites get slapped and you lose all your traffic overnight because of a Google algorithm change.

Or after all your Facebook ad accounts get shut down—without warning, when you were spending $20k a day—and now your $1.5 million dollar a month business is in a friggin’ free fall.

Go get sued a time or two and spend a few years bickering with haters, blocking and banning trolls, and battling competitors who copy your best work plus lie, cheat, steal, and strangle a stripper (if need be) in order to beat you.

Throw in a housing market crash plus a recession or two.

Get married, have a kid or four. Lose some loved ones. Get addicted to something. Let life slap you around a lil’.

And then, after all that, Lachie and Lucas, if you’re still doing your thing, I’d love to listen to you tell me all about how to make money “for life.” But not until.

In the meantime, sure, sell Movement Mastery and whatever else. But be humble. Don’t jump on camera and act like you have all the answers.

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