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Meet Kevin Net Worth, YouTube Income


How did Kevin Paffrath (@MeetKevin) stair step his way to multi-millionaire? Where does he make the majority of his money these days? And what’s his net worth? Let’s find out.

At age 17, Meet Kevin had no net worth. He had made about $3,000 working at Hollister over the summer, and spent all of that on random stuff. He did decently well in school but skipped a lot of class to play video games.

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In 2008, he met a girl named Lauren while visiting Paris. They began dating. In 2009, he moved from Florida to live with Lauren and her parents in California. Today, they are happily married with two boys.

At age 18, Meet Kevin made a whopping $8,079 working part-time at Jamba Juice. In 2010, as a senior in high school, he decided to get his real estate license—figuring it would be a good way to increase his earning potential.

It took him 11 months to sell his first home. But, when he did, that one transaction made him more money than he earned the entire year working at Red Robin as a bus boy.

Meet Kevin was tenacious. He would take on any client he could get, by any means necessary: cold calling, handing out pumpkins (LOL), you name it.

In 2012, Meet Kevin bought his first house for $305,000. It was well under market value. He got a home equity line of credit for $80k and used it to buy his first of many rental properties. All the while, in the background, he was putting any extra money he had into buy-and-hold stocks.

Oh, and around this time he was somehow also getting straight-As at a community college, before transferring to UCLA.

Kevin calls 2016 his most stressful year ever. He represented over 60 clients, renovated more than 40 properties for flippers, landlords and the occasional buyer, and doubled down on marketing and expanding his real estate business. His income that year was about $381,000.

Meet Kevin YouTube

At age 25, Meet Kevin started his own contracting company, thinking he’d save money on renovations. He spent a lot of money trying to get it off the ground. His wife Lauren also headed a staging company.

Towards the end of 2017, Meet Kevin launched his YouTube channel. At this point, he was already a millionaire, with an approximate net worth of $2.5 million dollars.

In 2019, feeling the stress of managing so many employees, Meet Kevin let everyone go and shut down his construction and home-staging businesses. His income that year was right around one million dollars, 60% of which was earned online. His YouTube ad revenue came out to be about $30k per month.

In 2020, it was more of the same. Only, his internet income went berserk. YouTube shot up to about $150k per month. Course sales exploded to more than $300k per month! His pre-tax income for the month of September was a mind-melting $721,474. By the time you read this, that number could easily be over $1 million dollars a month.

Meet Kevin Realtor

Meet Kevin admits the Coronavirus played a big role in this. Quarantines and social distancing led to more people turning to YouTube to pass the time. He saw views going up and pounced on the opportunity to cash-in, uploading new videos much more frequently.

All in all, today, Meet Kevin has about $20,591,000 worth of stocks. Minus $4,951,000 in debt. Plus $22,000,000 in real estate. Minus $12,279,000 in mortgages. That comes out to a net worth of about $25.3 million dollars. Nuckin’ futs, huh?!?

Then, you gotta think, as long as Kevin’s online income holds steady or increases, and the market doesn’t collapse, that number’s only gonna snowball over time. Meet Kevin’s wealth-building formula is far from sexy, but boy does it work.

“I don’t invest in anything that has the potential to lose a lot of money,” Kevin says. “I would rather get rich slowly, but get rich for sure.” Here’s more.

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