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Jordan Menard Traffic Pilot Review

Traffic Pilot Facebook Ads

Jordan Menard, founder of Traffic Pilot and Longform Creative, thinks I can turn $7 into six-figures per month with Facebook ads… if only I click over and sign up for his “free training.” Before I drop my Traffic Pilot review, check out our virtual toll booth strategy:

Sorry, where was I? Oh yeah, Jordan Menard. Apparently, he’s a community college dropout who spent the last five years learning digital marketing. He’s obsessed with online advertising because it doesn’t discriminate: if you run good ads, you’ll get results. Period. Jordan says he’s worked with big names like Agora Financial, Adrian and Anthony Morrison, Jordan Belfort, and more.

In addition to fulfilling on his hype-y headline promise, if I enter my email, Jordan will also touch on copywriting, funnel creation, media buying, and digital marketing best practices.

Jordan Menard Digital Marketing

I went ahead and entered my email. Moments later, I saw this in my inbox:


SUCCESS – Your Free Training Link Is Inside





Thanks for registering for my free training: How to Turn $7 Into 6 Fig. Per Month with Digital Marketing. What you’re about to see is the 100% true story of how I turned $7 into a digital marketing empire, and how anyone can do it as well.

Before you hop on, I would ask that you take a moment and pause to clear your mind and get ready to learn. This training is definitely entertaining, and even a little shocking, but if you pay attention you’ll understand how anyone can do exactly what I did.

Click here to start the training – you’ve never seen anything like this!

You’re going to want to make sure you’re on a desktop computer or at least a tablet to get the full experience; if you only have a mobile device, make sure you at least have headphones in and are in a quiet room without distractions.

The #1 thing that stops people from succeeding isn’t their lack of knowledge, strategies, or tactics – it’s because they lack the character to be successful.

This training addresses that – along with the premier strategies & tactics the top media buyers in the world use to scale their campaigns.

Check out the training & I’ll see you on the otherside,


Traffic Pilot
1939 Playa Riviera Drive
Cardiff, CA 92007, US

After clicking the link in the email, I landed on this page:

Jordan Menard Media Buyer

It’s refreshing, Jordan begins by saying he’s not gonna do any of the usual marketer tricks like pretending the video is a live webinar or using a countdown timer.

He goes into his backstory, which involved dropping out of college, drugs, jail time, rehab, being down to his last seven bucks, started out promoting scammy weight loss offers, eventually got hired by gurus such as Sam Ovens, Tim Sykes, Dan Lok, Tai Lopez, etc. Learned, improved, scaled up.

Today, Jordan travels, speaks on stage about Facebook and Instagram ads, and runs a boutique advertising agency called Long Form Creative. This video builds to a pitch for his one-of-a-kind platform that’ll teach you digital marketing throughout a six-week, 30+-hour-course called Traffic Pilot. There’s sales funnels you can clone, a private Facebook group for support, as well as weekly calls.

I liked Jordan’s transparency. Unlike other course reviews I’ve done lately, everything he said was believable. Weird how that works: you can admit your checkered past, and it almost helps you. Yet, most wannabe gurus are focused on lying their way to a sale. From the outside looking in, Traffic Pilot appears to be well-thought-out with great production value.

My main concern would be whether or not it’s too general. Jordan never really narrows down who the training’s for. Can agencies and e-commerce brands and consultants and franchisees and social media marketers and everyone adapt the teachings to what they’re trying to sell? Or would you be better off investing in a course or mentoring program that’s custom-made for what you do? Or perhaps you scrap everything and start fresh with a superior system like this:

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