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Modern Millionaires Review (*The Untold Truth)

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The Modern Millionaires review: Abdul and Chance, the weird duo above, created Modern Millionaires to help go-getters build a work-from-anywhere online business… by acting as the middleman between local businesses and people who wanna spend money with those businesses.  More specifically: they show you how to run Google ads for brick and mortars.

Before I get into my review, here’s a case study from the guy who taught Chance and Abdul lead generation in the first place:

Modern Millionaires scam?  Nope, it’s legit.  Businesses will always pay for leads – the smart ones anyways – and Google is a great way to get ’em.

Modern Millionaires price?  You sittin’ down?  Good.  So MM costs $7,860.  It’s a lot, yes.  But a few clients covers that, and then some.  So if you plan on gettin’ some (clients, that is – ya big perv!), it’s probably worth it.

Modern Millionaires reviews?  They’ve got those.  Looks like some students are seein’ success, anyways.  Chance and Abdul appear to give the better part of a f*ck, which is nice to see.

The Modern Millionaires edge: I like that the focus is on Google ads, not Facebook ads… which is what all the other lead gen courses are preachin’.  Why do I say that?  Well, Google ads bring buyers; Facebook ads bring browsers.  With Google, people are actively seeking out services; with FB, they’re on there to wish mom a happy birthday, spy on their ex, post memes, overuse the crying-from-laughing-so-hard emoji, and escape boredom.  Right?  Now don’t get me wrong.  Facebook ads work.  But for local, Google ads work better.  The leads are more likely to spend money – and that’s kinda the point.  Cuz if they don’t buy anything, your client (Lawyer Lou, for example) won’t wanna keep paying you.

The Modern Millionaires complaints: MM is solid, but far from perfect.  Even though it’s refreshing to see Google ads over FB ads, lezbehonest: paid ads are paid ads.  They’re risky.  You could lose your shirt if you’re not careful.  And yeah, I’m sure Chance and Abdul have amazing training and all, but still – no guarantees.  I’d hate to see ya blow through a few Gs – on top of their tuition – before you find your groove.  I also don’t love the idea of your entire business being built on Google’s platform.  Their network, their rules.  And they’re notorious for slapping marketers for the pettiest of reasons – usually cuz of some BS policy violation you didn’t even know existed.  Not cool, bro.  Finally, I’m all for self-education, but I’m not quite convinced Google ads are complicated enough to where you’d need to invest in such an expensive coaching experience to learn them.  Personally, it took me about five minutes to make my first ad with Google – and it was profitable.  Pretty much common sense.  All comes down to bidding on the right keywords, and not wasting money on low “commercial intent” phrases.  For example, if you make an ad and simply put in the keyword “lawyers,” you’re gonna pee money down your leg.  Why?  Cuz your ad’s gonna show for searches like “pro bono lawyers.”  See what I’m sayin’?  Whereas, “family lawyers near me open Saturdays” would be f*ckin’ money.  (There ya go.  Google ads 101.  That’ll be $8k.  LOL.)

Modern Millionaires alternative: what we do has all the pros of MM, but none of the cons.  It’s called ranking and renting lil’ websites.  This guy taught me.  (He’s the douchey lookin’ dude with the dreads.)

Fun fact: he also taught Abdul and Chance – long before they branched out on their own.  So he’s like the Godfather of local lead generation.  Probably worth checkin’ out.

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