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Ministry Of Freedom Reviews (Jono Armstrong Exposed)


“People on Instagram are making huge money from their posts,” Jono Armstrong starts off, in his latest YouTube ad, “and it seems to be a big secret that most normal people don’t know about.”

Spoiler alert: I’m about to tear this guy a new one. Before I do, here’s something you might enjoy.

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Alright, back to Jono’s ad.

“What we’re doing here is putting a new spin on an old business model,” he explains. “We bring new customers to a company and in return, they give us a commission on the sale.”

So basically, affiliate marketing. But the problem, according to Jono, is that popular affiliate programs (through sites like Amazon and Walmart) only pay between 1 and 10% commission.

Meaning, you’d have to drive an obscene amount of traffic in order to make a decent amount of money yourself.

The solution, Jono says, is to promote software and digital products, which offer 50 to 100% commissions. This way, you can make bigger money with fewer clicks.

And you can do it without a large following, he adds. How? Jono says you simply drive free traffic to an “incentives page” that rewards people to buy said software (or course or whatever) from your affiliate link.

Jono claims he made a little over a million dollars, profit, doing this last year. And he’s handed the system off to 22 beta testers, who also saw success with it.

And now that it’s battle-tested, he wants you to pay him to learn his proven process. That brings us to the pitch.

Ministry Of Freedom fraud?

Jono Armstrong Offer

For a one-time fee of $1,497 or two installments of $897, you can join Jono’s Ministry Of Freedom program, where he and his “expert coaches” will teach you everything they know.

This includes “launch jacking,” which is what I’m doing here: ranking for “Ministry Of Freedom review,” only, instead of offering a bunch of bonuses to get you to buy MOF, I’m not gonna recommend that you do. (I’ll explain why in a sec.)

You’ll also learn basic internet marketing skills like how to build an email list, how to run paid ads, how to outsource, how to create your own digital products, and so on.

Of course, there’s a “super funnel” you can clone and drive traffic to—and earn $850 commissions on—as well. Guess what it is. Yep. Ministry Of Freedom.

Here’s the part where I get really angry. This sociopath wants you to pay him money for the privilege to go work your ass off and make him even more money.

(Remember, every time you make $850, he’d keep the rest. So that’s, what, $650 plus upsells and affiliate commissions he’d make on the back-end, right? But he doesn’t have to lift a finger or risk a single cent, does he? Nope.)

Jono “Amway” Armstrong sits atop the pyramid while you build out the base.

“Don’t worry, I’ve done all the ads for you,” he says. Gee Jono, what a nice guy you are—letting me spend my money to build your business!

Guys, wake up. The only one finding Freedom in this cult (oops I meant Ministry) is Jono.

Who else wants to pay for Jono Armstrong’s lavish lifestyle?

Jono Armstrong Instagram

Here’s the reality: Jono’s inhaling tuna tartare in frigging first class, 35,000 feet up, headed to his next vacation spot, while you’re breaking your back and maxing out Mastercards trying to get back to even.

Opportunity of a lifetime! (If you’re an idiot.) What’s that? “But Cory, he’s got this amazing guarantee,” you say?

Um, yeah. Did you see the fine print? You have to do like 1.7 million steps in order to qualify, and then you’ll have to fight with Jono’s team to get it processed. (Fat chance.)

Things I’d rather do than invest in Ministry Of Freedom:

  • Have a sleepover with Jeffrey Dahmer
  • Be without WiFi for a week
  • Play gin rummy with Jono’s grandma
  • Get a face tat
  • Read a brochure on the color beige
  • Drink Popeyes toilet water

Need me to keep going? ‘Cause I could. No? Okay then.

Click below for the exact opposite of Jono’s MOF course. I think you’ll be glad you did.

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