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Exposing Misha Wilson’s Super Affiliate Scam


“Give me just one minute and I’ll show you how to ethically steal the breakthrough new method I’ve used to make over $15 million dollars online, and create a lifestyle of unlimited freedom in 2021 and beyond,” begins Misha Wilson in his latest YouTube ad.

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“In this crazy world, despite all the fear, uncertainty, anxiety and financial chaos we felt in 2020, there’s a hidden-in-plain-sight new opportunity that average people from all around the world are using to rake-in life-changing online incomes faster and easier than ever before,” Misha continues.

“These people are creating recession-proof online incomes, which keeps their cash flow flowing 24 hours a day, seven days a week, no matter what’s happening in the world around us and no matter what’s happening in the economy.”

“But the million dollar question is: how do they do it? And more importantly, how can you do it too, starting right now in 2021?” he asks, before introducing himself as a millionaire who made his money the “smart way,” skipping all the nonsense and “cutting straight to the profit.”

Since then, Misha claims he went from buried in debt, kicked outta not one but two houses, to living his dream life out in Maui. He works when and where he wants, using only his laptop and smartphone.

As you may have guessed, he wants to share his secrets with you in his brand new book, The Millionaire Breakthrough. No catch. No cost. No credit card required, Misha promises.

Not only that, Misha says you can read it in under an hour and be making money by the end of the day. Now this I gotta see. So I clicked and entered my email. I was taken to a private page that said the book would be delivered to my inbox shortly. Eventually I did get it. And wow, what a letdown.

Super Affiliate Network Founder

To even call it a “book” is laughable. Reminded me of Jeff Lerner’s The Millionaire Shortcut. It’s a 26-page PDF (about half of which is pictures, headers, footers, and legal disclaimers) that looks like Misha made it in like 2002 and then just goes in and updates it once a year or so. As far as the content, it basically says to do affiliate marketing. And oh, if you need a big ticket product to sell, “click here to watch a video presentation from Misha.” So I did.

And it ended up being a long-winded pitch for his so-called Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint. And, let’s see, how would I describe the offer? In a word: scammy. Lots of talk about making big bucks fast. No mention of what you’d actually be doing.

Most of it was just Misha’s rags-to-riches story: he was addicted to prescription pain meds, couldn’t afford his $380 rent, his roommate kicked him out, then he magically stumbles upon this simple system and goes on to make millions in no time flat. (Riiight. Whatever you say, Misha.)

By the time he asks for my money, I still don’t know much more. Just that I’m gonna “plug into the system” and start seeing commissions. It’s 98% off—just $17—but I gotta hurry, as they’re almost full. (So why is Misha running so many YouTube ads to send people to this sales page? Oh, duh. Silly me. Because he’s a con artist and you can’t trust a word he says.)

Misha Wilson is growing his net worth by finessing people out of their hard-earned money.

Guys, let me tell you what this is. It’s a pyramid scheme. You’re paying for the right to resell what Misha just sold ya. Ditto everyone who gets sold. But don’t worry, it won’t get saturated ’cause 99% of people will fail. Give or take. But Misha doesn’t care because he makes all his money off this $17 sale (and the thousands of dollars worth of upsells he’ll hit ya with as soon as you enter your credit card details and submit payment).

This is one of the sketchiest funnels I’ve been through in a very long time. Misha uses every dirty guru trick in the book to make this seem like a no-brainer. He even tells you it’s a no-brainer like 14 times in the last few minutes of the pitch. I don’t know how this fraud sleeps at night.

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