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Mobile Home Millions Reviews (Chimene Van Gundy Course)

MobileHomeMillions.com Ad

Chimene Van Gundy will show you how to buy and sell mobile homes with nothing down. This, according to her latest Facebook ad. Is she legit? You’re about to find out.

But before I review her Mobile Home Millions Academy program, check out what we’re doing with digital real estate. I’ll let my mentor take it away.

An alternative to mobile homes

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Can you really flip mobile homes if you’re broke, inexperienced, and the economy’s in the toilet? According to Chimene Van Gundy, aka “The Mobile Home Millionaire” aka “The Queen of Mobile Homes,” yes, you can.

Mobile Home Millions Webinar Registration

I’ll see about that. Time to opt-in and call her on her crap. After I did, I got this email from Chimene.


[Save This Email] – Mobile Home Millions Webclass


Chimene Van Gundy


Hey Cory,

First and foremost, I’m grateful that you decided to join us our free training about How I Easily Buy & Sell Mobile Homes With Nothing Down (… And RECESSION-PROOF MY Business In The Process!) whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned expert and I’m going to show you how on this free webclass.

Watch the training now, while it’s still available here.

You’re also going to discover:

– Why Mobile Homes Are The BEST-KEPT Secret in Real Estate in 2020 And Super-Easy For Investors To Overlook Yet MASSIVELY Profitable!

– How Mobile Homes Can Help RECESSION-PROOF A Real Estate Investor’s Portfolio & Business.

– I’ll Share Exactly How I Acquire 25-30 Mobile Homes Every Month with Nothing Out of Pocket!

Just so you know, this is the first time we’re sharing this information with the general public. Up until this point we have reserved sharing this strategy only with my highest level private clients who we work with one-on-one to buy and sell mobile homes.

I’ve personally used this strategy that you’re going to discover on the webclass to buy and sell over 700 mobile homes over the past few years and I can’t wait to show you how easy this is and why it’s a wide open opportunity right now.

As they say, “timing is everything” and I would say you’re at the right place, at the right time to take advantage of a great opportunity. Don’t let it pass you by.

To your success,
Chimene Van Gundy

P.S. Watch this webclass now, while it’s still available here.

Mobile Home Millions
614-C. S. BUSINESS IH 35 #38

I was also redirected to a hidden page where the webclass was awaiting me. Pressin’ play now.

Chimene Van Gundy’s webinar

The Mobile Home Millionaire Chimene

As it gets underway, Chimene, in her sweet Southern accent, makes a compelling case for getting into the mobile home game.

  • A staggering 22 million Americans live in a mobile home.
  • 4.5 million of them make more than six-figures a year!
  • Warren Buffett dabbles in mobile homes.
  • No need to be a real estate agent or expert to flip mobile homes ’cause they’re considered personal property (like a car, for example) not attached to land.

But if they’re so great, why’s nobody talking about ’em? Why do I see courses for wholesaling, fix and flips, Airbnb, and land investing daily, but no mention of mobile homes?

It’s because people look down on them, Chimene explains. They think “trailer trash” and assume there’s no money to be made in that space.

Quite the contrary, Chimene says, repeating her tagline over and over: “mobile homes are little boxes that spit out cash!” And she’s on a mission to let the world know.

Mobile Home Millions gives people hope

So what’s her secret? How does Chimene buy and sell so many mobile homes each month without shelling out big bucks to acquire them?

Well, she discovered something. Mobile home dealers want people to take used mobile homes off their hands. I guess it makes sense. For every new one they sell, they gotta get rid of the old one. Which costs to move, right?

So Chimene swoops in, says, “I’ll take it!” and then cuts a deal with a transporter (someone who moves mobile homes from one location to another).

She typically just wholesales it to the transporter for a quick $3k to $5k in profit.

Gotta say, I thought there’d be so many holes in this business model, but Chimene did a great job of answering my questions and overcoming my concerns.

There’s still no way I’d “drive for dollars” or cold call or wanna deal with negotiations, contracts, legalities, and all that jazz.

And I do wonder how quickly it’ll saturate, as she picks up students in all the major cities. I mean, there’s only so many dealers, right?

But my gut says Chimene Van Gundy is the real deal and this is a legit and unique way to profit from real estate, assuming you’re willing to bust your butt.

If so, Chimene’s Mobile Home Millions Academy and Coaching Program is worth considering. It costs $497 and you can ask for a refund within three days if you’re not feelin’ it.

It’s basically a business in a box, with 10 easy-to-follow training modules, plus resources and support from the Mobile Home Millions team.

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