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Modern Millionaires: Will Chance And Abdul End Up In Jail?

Invest In Your Own Stock Modern Millionaires

Modern Millionaire cofounder Chance Welton is back with yet another YouTube ad: “There’s one incredible investment that no one seems to know about,” he begins, and then immediately contradicts himself. “Over 3,200 people have already invested in it and some are earning $10-, $20-, or even $30,000 per month right now.”

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“No, it’s not the stock market, Forex, crypto, real estate, gold, or anything else you might be thinking,” Chance continues. “An average return in the market is about 8% per year, which usually takes 40+ years to compound to a worthy amount.”

“But investing in this can earn you 1,000 to 4,000% each month. And unlike traditional investing, there’s no gambling here. You have full control. And your upside is not determined by how much money you invest, but rather, by the skills you have. It’s investing in your own stock.”

“Look, putting your hard-earned money on billion dollar corporations is just like flipping a coin. You might get lucky, but it takes no skill and therefore, in the long run, you get minimal returns. But investing just a few bucks into yourself to learn how to create a cash-generating high-income skill can help you close clients that pay you $2-, $4-, or even $6,000 each and every month.”

Chance then asks you to imagine investing just a few bucks into yourself today, and then, a month from now, magically having two clients paying you $5k per month. How? By setting up online billboard ads for businesses on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Chance claims these ads are so valuable, it’s not uncommon to collect $9,450 per month (or more) from just a single ad.

Chance assures you this business model is a “faster and more predictable way” to get a return on your investment. Then he just goes full Flavor Flav: “So if you’re interested in getting 1,000+% returns reliably and consistently, we just put together a special two hour virtual masterclass revealing these Officeless Agency business models that you can watch instantly.”

“You could start seeing a massive return as soon as today because initially we decided to offer this program at $497, which is still a great deal. But since there are so many people today that are skeptical of the highly-volatile stock market, we’re running a limited time promotion,” Chance lies says.

Chance Abdul Reddit Scam

Beachwood Marketing founder Chance Welton will say just about anything to take your money.

That’s right, in his best infomercial voice, Chance then announces a 98% off sale: you can get instant access and start going through their Officeless Agency blueprint for just $9.94. Hurry, though. Before this incredible deal is gone for good!

Ay yi yi. Where do I even start? So Chance, you’re telling me buying and holding, let’s say, Apple stock, is a coin flip? Similar to gambling? And that, I’d need to get lucky to see even a standard 8% return? Hmm. My Fidelity account says different.

Then you position paid ads as a surefire way to make humongous returns. That you have “full control” over them. And once you know how to set one up, clients will happily hand you anywhere from $2k to $10k (or more) each and every month. In fact, you literally promised $1,000+% returns reliably and consistently.

Bro. With that long hair and slight lisp, you wouldn’t fare too well in prison. I’d quit with the totally unrealistic income claims before you find yourself behind bars—and, next thing ya know, Nelly, your celly, turns your b-hole into his permanent pocket.

Oh, and you and Abdul have spent millions of dollars on YouTube ads promoting this supposed limited-time sale… for like the last two years straight. Man, stop lying. Just be real with people. It’s not a sale. You pulled the price outta your ass. And once they buy Officeless Agency for $9.94, you’ll hit ’em with another $8k worth of upsells, won’t you?

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