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Monster Agency Ad Reaction

Review Monster Agency Facebook Ads

Monster Agency review: Just saw a video ad of theirs come through my Facebook newsfeed.  Here it is:

📣 Not all businesses are created equal. If you want to have an unhealthy advantage over your competition with…

Posted by Monster Agency on Wednesday, March 18, 2020


At first I was like, oh this is about to get cringey.  Comedy, after all, is serious business.  Not easy to pull off.  And even if you nail it, only a fraction of your target audience will truly appreciate it.  I mean, everyone’s got different tastes, right?

Me, I’m more of a Dave Chappelle fan.  Then there’s millions of people who like Jeff Dunham—the ventriloquist guy—and I just don’t get it.  My cousins were over once and they were all, “Oh my God, we gotta watch that new Jef Dunham special.  You’ll love him!”  And then we did.  And I just sat there, growing angrier and angrier about how unfunny this dude was.  Meanwhile, my cousins are damn-near pissing their pants from laughter.  So yeah.  Even if you’re one of the best comedians in the world, a certain percentage of people just ain’t gonna vibe with your material.  Now.

On the other hand, you gotta do something to stand out.  There’s eleventy-bajillion agencies out there trying to sell you something; and so I like the fact that Monster Agency rolled the dice with this Dr. Phil parody.  And you know what?  Not bad.  I actually giggled a little when David said he was only spending $2k a month on Facebook ads and Dr. Phil shook his head and made fun of him.  And bloopers are always cool to watch.  And I think the self-deprecating nature of ’em kinda makes the creators more likable and trustworthy.  I mean, when ya click through their ad with a smile on your face, you’re not thinkin’, “This is a scam!” ya know?

If nothing else, it got my attention.  And I’ll remember the name.  Monster Agency.  And I know I’ll slow down to check out whatever they retarget me with next—just to see what they come up with.  Which is more than most advertisers can say.  *Tips Nike hat.

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