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Pace Morby Reviews (Subto Real Estate Coaching)

Subto Real Estate Investing

Pace Morby has a question for you: why wait until 65 to retire? Why not use real estate investing to retire early? That’s what he did. And now, while you’re grinding it out at your 9-to-5, he and his family are playing UNO by the ocean.

But if you click the button and watch his one-hour case study, that could all change—according to this Facebook ad. Is Pace Morby legit? Read on for my Subto review. But first, ever thought about digital rental properties? Here’s what I mean:

Pace Morby dabbles in all sorts of real estate deals. Whether it’s wholesaling, fix and flips, mobile home development, buy and hold investing, or whatever else, chances are, the self-proclaimed “creative finance junkie” has been there, done that.

Pace Morby Arizona

In this particular training, the focus is on subject-to deals. Pace promises us “mind-blowing cashflow.” Let’s see if it’s any good, shall we? I’ll go ahead and enter my email and sit through the training so you don’t have to.

Creative Financing Cashflow Pace Morby

The video kicks off with Pace meeting a group of students at his Mesa, Arizona office for a ride along. Before they head out, Pace hops on the whiteboard and goes over the basics.

A “SubTo,” he says, is when you take over someone’s mortgage with “terms” that allow you to leverage their property to create cash flow.

All you’re doing is looking for a spread: “Can I rent it for more than what their total payment is?” If so, that’s a deal you should pursue, subto style.

The benefit to the owner is, unlike selling it to a wholesaler who’s gonna gouge ’em on price, with a subject-to deal, you’ll give ’em exactly what they’re asking for (assuming it makes sense).

Subto Deals Explained

Pace says his company’s goal is to net $425 per month, per deal. In total, they’re buying about 45 homes per month right now, nationwide. Some of those they wholesale, some they hold onto.

Throughout the rest of the video, Pace does rapid-fire Q&A, offering some great analogies that explain why this process works. He skipped the whole ride along part, but says they ended up doing two deals that day.

Overall, I was impressed. The man walks the walk, which is rare in the course-selling space. He reminds me of Zachary Kepes from Flip Foundation. Both super credible dudes.

At the tail-end of the video, his pitch was short and sweet. “Book a call if you want our help,” was the gist of it. There was no mention of how much his Subto Coaching costs. Usually around $10k is a safe bet.

Now I’ve got a question of my own. If I could show you how to make a tiny website, by the end of the day today, that would end up netting you double Pace’s average deal, would you be interested? If so, click the link below.

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