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Matt Morris Net Worth

Matt Morris Network Marketing

Matt Morris net worth: Matt Morris is a network marketing professional, author, and speaker with an estimated net worth of $14 million.

Matt Morris joined Amway, one of the oldest and largest MLM companies in existence, at 18 years old.  Two years later, he had nothing to show for it, but was hooked on network marketing as a business model.

For the next five years, he focused on personal development.  It paid off.  Morris became a top earner in two companies.  He even founded his own network marketing company and served as CEO.  By 25, he was earning six figures.  At 29, he was officially a millionaire.

In 2009, he published a book titled The Unemployed Millionaire, which documents his story from troubled upbringing to self-made millionaire.

Today, with 21 years of multilevel marketing under his belt, Morris actively promotes WorldVentures, the number one direct selling travel company in the world.  He’s amassed downlines of more than 1,000,000 people spread across 100 countries worldwide.

With such a remarkable story, Morris speaks at conferences and seminars and does interviews on popular podcasts frequently.

As of January 2017, Morris is #128 on the Top 200 Worldwide Earners In MLM list, with an estimated monthly income of $150,000… amounting to $1.8 million per year… coming from WorldVentures.

Matt Morris net worth lessons

The best investment

… Is the one you make in yourself.  Matt Morris, along with just about every other millionaire we do a write-up on, know this to be true.

Like he says in an interview with Grant Cardone, “If you’re gonna build a really tall building, you’ve gotta dig a really deep foundation.”

Morris, like so many entrepreneurs, didn’t have that early-on.  He lacked confidence and skills.  So what’d he do?  He bought books and attended seminars and put in the work to become capable of success.  And he’s been on a constant and never-ending quest to improve ever since.

Letting go

Network marketing is a polarizing industry to build a business in.  People either love it or hate it.  And those who hate it are quite vocal: “It’s a pyramid scheme.”  “No, I don’t wanna join your scam.”  “You’re a fraud.”  “Get a real job.”

Morris’s big shift happened when he finally let go and stopped being emotionally attached to other people’s opinions.  From this point on, rejection and negativity from outsiders no longer had the stopping power it did before.

It’s easier said than done, of course.  But if you commit to daily personal development, over time, it’s doable.

Final thoughts

Matt Morris overcame extreme odds twice.  First, by rising above an extremely rough childhood; and second, by making millions in an industry I like to pick on… where failure is all but guaranteed for 99% of those involved.

Matt’s story is an inspiration, sure, but I hope it moves you to start building yourself up.  The more you do, the greater your potential to make Matt Morris money.

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