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Will Motivation Net Worth, Income Streams


Will Moss, better known by his YouTube channel, Will Motivation, started out as a computer dork. In fact, back in the 90s, he went to college to study computer science.

After graduating, he worked for nine years in Corporate America. In 2004, with no money, no investors—just a big dream fueled by lots of motivation and hard work—Will got online to start a side hustle. He used his background to create a software that matched job seekers with employers.

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Once Will was profitable enough to leave his job and do the internet thing full-time, it still stressed him out that he had no retirement plan. So he began educating himself on how to be smarter with his money and make it work for him.

The year was 2010. The housing market had just crashed. And Will Motivation was stuck holding two homes and an office space he had already bought—that were now worth about 30% less than he had paid for ’em.

But instead of panicking, his entrepreneurial spirit kicked in. Will figured this was the perfect time to double-down on real estate investing. Why not? So many millionaires built their fortunes in real estate; and, right now, everything was “on sale.”

Fast forward to today. Will Motivation now owns close to 40 properties, worth well over a million dollars, collectively. He lives in his dream home, provides for his family, takes vacations whenever he wants, and, yes, drives the sh*t outta his exotics.

Will Motivation Car Collection

Will’s whips sitting pretty in the garage

As the handle suggests, Will got on YouTube to inspire others. He started uploading lifestyle videos and documenting his adventures in business. For example, he told his viewers how to afford a Lamborghini on a limited income. They ate it up.

The average video makes Will anywhere from a couple hundred to a couple thousand bucks. He’s not getting rich off YouTube by any means. But it’s allowed him to build an audience that’s happy to pay for his merchandise and his “how to make money investing in real estate” course.

Will Motivation drops some serious game

Reflecting on his success, Will had this to say: “If you’re thinking about building revenue streams and you wanna continue to grow and get to the next level, you always have to re-invest money from your first businesses, your first revenue streams, into creating new revenue streams.”

“So I started another company. I started buying real estate, I started investing in real estate. I started renting properties out. I would buy rental properties, fix ’em up, and then rent them out,” he continued.

“And so, I would start to get monthly income from rental properties and cash flow. And, as time passed, not only was I receiving cash flow, but I also started to flip some of these properties—and I would make a lump sum of cash.”

Add it all up, and Will Motivation has built himself a respectable net worth. We believe it’s in the neighborhood of $2.5 million dollars.

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