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Move, Move, Move!

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Stillness is a problem.  And I don’t mean in the obvious way, as in: if you don’t exercise you’ll weigh 370 pounds and sweat gravy.

But like, the more you move in a day, the better that day goes.  That’s what I’m starting to see anyways.  But it has to be like all day long.  Not: an hour of cardio followed by eight hours parked in front of the computer.

For me, it’s real simple.  The more often I “move,” the better my mood, the higher my energy, the clearer my thoughts, the more quality ideas I get, and the better I sleep (which probably has a compound effect on the whole thing).

By the way, I hate when you discover something like this.  Cuz in the shower it sounded so amazing, and now that I’m typing it, it sounds stupid.  But promise me you’ll get done reading this and just try it for the rest of the day.  Starting immediately.  You can’t mess it up.  Just move.

A walk, a run, lunges, jumping jacks, push-ups, stairs, pace back and forth in your office, go for a bike ride, play the “see how long you can go without sitting down” game.  (I have a standing desk, so for me, that’s easy.  But still.  Standing in one spot for hours on end is hardly better than sitting.)  Become obsessed with putting your fine-ass in motion as frequently as possible.

Your body works better.  Your brain works better.  Again, you’ll sleep better.  Add all that up?  And you’ll be sh*ttin’ rainbows.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got another set of push-ups to do.

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