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Mustard Net Worth

How Rich DJ Mustard

Mustard net worth: Dijon Isaiah McFarlane, aka Mustard or DJ Mustard, is a record producer with a net worth of $9 million dollars.  Here are 10 things every Mustard fan should know.

Mustard Rooftop

1. Mustard’s date of birth is June 5, 1990.  He grew up in LA.  He is Jamaican.  His father was deported when he was just a kid.  Mustard’s uncle, who happened to be a DJ, helped raise him.

Mustard Studio Time

2. At 11, Mustard’s uncle let him DJ for a family party.  They started calling him DJ Mustard—yes, like the condiment—since his first name was already Dijon.  He kept practicing over the years and soon he was DJing at the local hotspots.

Mustard Car Wash

3. Mustard looks up to Lil Jon and calls Dr. Dre his idol.  He and longtime friend, rapper YG, who have made a lot of hit songs together, are often compared to Dre and Snoop.  In terms of business, he’d like to follow in Jay-Z’s footsteps.

Mustard New Album

4. Mustard’s self-proclaimed “ratchet music” is known for being radio and club-friendly.  On songs where he makes the beat, if you listen carefully, you can hear his signature line: “Mustard on that beat, ho!”  He also chants “Hey!” and uses hand claps and snap-snares to make his work more identifiable.

Mustard Middle Fingers

5. Mustard is not afraid to put in the work.  On a bad week, he’ll make 20 new beats; 30 on a good week.  His guiding principle is always the same: “All I want people to do is just dance and have a good time.”

Mustard Dream Car

6. Mustard is debt-free.  He cuts a check for all of his cars, which have included a BMW i8, a Rolls Royce and the beautiful black Lambo with red interior you see above.  He also paid off his house—a 7,400 square foot mansion in a gated LA community, which he spent $2.36 million on.

Mustard Music Video

7. Mustard’s phone has no contacts in it; and only his girl knows his number.  He did this so he could hyper-focus on making beats and producing records without everyone calling him with their problems and expecting a handout.

Mustard Palm Trees

8. Other than his own music, what does DJ Mustard listen to?  “I’m a big fan of Future, I listen to a lot of Drake.  I really listen to R&B more than I would rap music.  I don’t really like listening to so much rap because I like to have my mind focused on what I’m doing, instead of worrying about what everybody else is doing,” he told The Fader.

Mustard Colorful Wall

9. Because of Mustard’s success, other artists have been accused of “jacking” his style.  “It used to bother me when I would hear songs that sound like mine, but I don’t really care no more,” he told GQ.  These days, it’s motivation for Mustard to evolve and constantly reinvent himself.  That way, fans don’t get sick of hearing the same sound over and over.

DJ Mustard Girlfriend

10. Mustard is engaged to a model by the name of Chanel Thierry.  They have three children together: two sons and one daughter.

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