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Nav Net Worth

Net Worth Nav Rapper

Nav net worth: Navraj Singh Goraya, known professionally as Nav, is a rapper and record producer with a net worth of approximately $3 million dollars.  Read on for 10 interesting facts about him.

Rexdale Rapper Blazes Up

1. Nav was born on November 3, 1989.  He grew up in Rexdale—a neighborhood of Toronto, Canada.  His parents are from Punjab, India.  Dad ran a forklift; mom worked in computer manufacturing.  Nav has two older sisters.

Nav Red Background

2. He first got into music at age nine, after his mom bought him a boombox.  His uncle, a standout singer in Punjab, sealed the deal when he took Nav to the studio to record with him.

Nav Colorful Wall 3. In high school, Nav started making beats and mash-ups for underground artists in the Toronto area.  As a result, he gained traction on SoundCloud.

Nirvana Nav

4. Because of his ethnicity and religion, Nav was bullied throughout school.  He also hated studying and got poor grades.  It took him an extra year to graduate high school.  After that, he went to college and got his degree in Audio Production and Engineering.

Nav Scarf

5. Nav co-produced Drake’s second diss track directed at Meek Mill, called “Back to Back.”

Nav Street Jordans

6. Nav’s song “Myself” was relatively unknown until makeup mogul Kylie Jenner filmed herself lip syncing the words to it in one of her Snapchat stories.  YouTube views for the music video exploded into the tens of millions in the following months.

Nav Singer Songwriter CEO

7. Travis Scott’s “Yosemite” featured Nav singing the outro; although, when the song was first released, you could hardly hear his verse.  Turns out, it was a mixing mistake.  It was fixed and re-released a week later.  But not before memes mocking Nav started circulating online.

Nav Shoe Game

8. When Complex asked about his musical influences, Nav replied: “To be honest, Nas was my favorite artist growing up.  The way he told stories, I could close my eyes and imagine something while he’s rapping.  I always wanted to be able to do the same thing.”

Nav Purple Lambo Truck

9. His biggest challenge as the self-proclaimed “only brown boy with a bag” is not pissing off his people.  Nav doesn’t want to misrepresent his family or anyone else of Indian descent.  His parents don’t get his music at all.  But as long as he’s healthy and happy, they support him.

Nav Performing Live

10. Nav found himself in hot water for using the n-word in his songs.  Where he came from, it was commonplace and so he didn’t think anything of it.  But after listening to the criticism, Nav has since decided to stop saying it altogether.

Nav On The Mic

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