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Grant Navarre Net Worth


Grant proudly poses in front of one of his rental properties.

Grant Navarre is a 30 year old real estate investor from Lake Charles, Louisiana. His real estate portfolio is almost $5.4 million dollars. It consists of 19 rentals, 10 properties under construction, with enough land to build 81 additional units. Within the next four to five years, Grant sees his real estate portfolio jumping to $22 million dollars.

In 2008, at 18 years old, after doing well selling cars, Grant purchased his first property—half of a duplex he bought from his brother for $96,000. He only bought it because his mom wouldn’t let him have girls in his room; so he figured, why not get my own place? Seven months later, he sold it for a profit. He’s been hooked on real estate ever since.

What we do has all the upside of traditional real estate, minus the tenants, toilets, trash, and termites.

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At 19, he built a duplex for around $140,000. He lived on one side and rented the other side out, which covered the entire loan payment. He was essentially “house hacking” before he even knew what the term meant. From there, he just kept doing deals, learning, refining his approach.

Grant also went in on a smoothie business with his cousin, and has his own car business. It’s a good thing his hobby is working because, with everything he’s got going on, it’s not uncommon for him to put in 80+ hour weeks.

Grant’s advice for anyone wanting to follow in his footsteps? “Save everything. Elevate your income [go sell cars part-time, for example]. Keep saving. Keep going,” he said. “But you gotta start. You gotta get started or none of it’s possible. From there, stay hungry. Always keep pushing.”

Grant Navarre Real Estate

Grant Navarre snaps a selfie on his way to go do a little duck hunting. As one does in Louisiana.

Grant certainly had some advantages. His family was full of hard workers and business role models. He was always a natural salesman. And very competitive. But it wasn’t always smooth sailing. In the early days, he’d get distracted easily. There was a day trading phase that cost him a bunch of money. He got recruited into Advocare, which is an MLM company. The list goes on.

Today, Grant’s much better about time management and staying laser-focused on the task at hand. Another critical lesson he’s learned as his team’s gotten bigger is this: “It’s not the barn, it’s the horses. People are what matter. Treat them well. Pay them well,” he told Graham Stephan in an interview recently.

As far as lifestyle goes, Grant’s fairly frugal. You might not think that after you see his Rolex collection, but he knows they hold their value well and even appreciate on occasion. “I don’t buy anything that doesn’t make sense [financially],” he said. The one exception? Food. “Crawfish are expensive where I’m from.”

For more on how Grant Navarre became a millionaire by age 26 and continues to grow his personal net worth, check out the video below.

Grant Navarre walks you through his impressive real estate portfolio.

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