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Newbie, Your Duty

Girl Holding Umbrella Rain

As a kid, everything’s new to you.  People, places, foods, words, objects, experiences, emotions, schoolwork, sports.  Almost every day, there’s a “first” something.

So you’re always learning.  Growing.  Improving.  Right?  That’s what makes us adults.  Otherwise, we’d all just be tall toddlers with big pores and pubic hair.

Then, as grownups, life comes at us 100 miles per hour.  We’re busy.  Tired.  Stressed.  And we rely on routines… to survive.  Which, by definition, means we do the same things over and over.

You know where I’m goin’ with this.  So I’ll spare you the insanity cliché.  And instead, encourage you to be that curious kid again.

Seek new.  Whether it’s a restaurant, book, workout, a different route home, pick something on Netflix you normally wouldn’t watch, sign up for jiu-jitsu, Google something you don’t understand, whatever.

Or don’t.  But, I mean, just observe children.  (Preferably, not from a creepy white van loaded with candy.)

Generally, they’re: happy, full of energy, imaginative, in the moment, resilient, optimistic – many good things we, as adults, are not.

And yes, it’s oversimplifying to say: “See, go experience something new, and life’ll be glorious.”

But at the same time, there’s gotta be a link there.

Plus, I tried chicken and waffles (with bacon) for the first time the other day?  And my mouth’ll never be the same.  So I offer that as empirical evidence.

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