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Nine University Review: Thirstiest YouTube Ad Ever


The Cringe Kings, Kale and Taylor, did not disappoint with this particular YouTube ad. It’s desperate. Awkward. And apparently, incredibly effective, since it’s got like 20 million views.

Think about it. If they’re paying five cents a view, which is pretty standard, that means they’ve spent nearly $1 million dollars on this bad boy.

And I bet they’ve made at least 2-3 times that much back by selling their flagship product, Nine University. I know, right? Kinda makes me feel like a deflated balloon. (*Orders Five Guys and cries into a bacon cheeseburger.)

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Alright, let’s try to make sense of this ad, shall we?

“Kale, whaddya gotta say to the people right now?” Taylor asks his taller, slimmer, man-bun-less partner in crime, after hopping outta his Volkswagen Golf in a dirty alley in downtown Pittsburgh.

“Guys, I gotta tell ya a little bit about Amazon FBA,” Kale says, clapping his hands together and squatting down in front of the whiteboard in his skinny jeans.

“And most of the time the gurus are there with the girls and their boobs are out and they got the Ferraris…”

“But what I got? Is a whiteboard and a Volkswagen,” he says, before explaining how they’ve helped 100+ people get to the six figure mark and quit their day jobs.

From here, Taylor and Kale bounce back and forth with the energy of two toddlers who just mainlined Sour Patch Kids and Capri Suns, tag teaming the main objections someone might have about their pitch.

This is why it works, by the way. Because they address your concerns. Not because anyone likes to watch whole-ass adults embarrass themselves in public.

How Kale and Taylor blew up Nine University

Kale Taylor FBA Complaints

They identified all the major reasons that might cause you to roll your eyes and hit skip, and spoke directly to ’em.

They told you why it’s not a scam. Why Amazon FBA is legit. How selling actual physical products is more ethical than recruiting people into a pyramid scheme. Why they’re willing to share their secrets with you. And what’s in it for them.

In doing so, they disarmed skeptics and made taking the next step (clicking and opting in to their funnel) seem like a smart, safe choice.

The good news, for you, is that you can do the same in your business—and you don’t even have to make everyone who knows you deeply ashamed. Nope. Believe it or not, you can just act normal.

This ad worked not because, but in spite of, the gimmicks. In fact, if you’re gonna pepper people with ads, the thirstier you make ’em, the more enemies you’re gonna pick up along the way.

These days, Nine University has its fair share of critics; and the more negative reviews that pop up, the harder it’ll be for Kale and Taylor to continue making profitable ads like this one.

It’ll be interesting to see if Nine University can weather the storm and stay relevant.

Now. With that said, is Amazon FBA even what you should be focused on? I don’t think so. I think there are businesses with less risk, less competition, bigger margins—where Jeff Bezos can’t wipe you out with one simple policy change.

And at the top of that list would be what I showed you earlier: what we call “virtual toll booths.” You use free traffic, like I did here, to connect buyers with businesses, and take a sliver to deliver.

If you’d like to see how to set your first one up, click below.

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