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DigitalNomad.com Reviews (BBB Complaints Piling Up)

Christian Martin Online Sign Spinner WFA

Digital Nomad, the work from anywhere program by Christian Martin, is getting blasted on the Better Business Bureau website. Before I share the most shocking reviews, you might wanna watch this:

Now let’s take a look at the most serious complaints people had after buying from DigitalNomad.com, shall we?

This first one calls Christian Martin a scam. He lied about not having any upsells, they say, and you get ghosted when you ask for a refund.

Digital Nomad Refund Policy

This next one accuses Digital Nomad of false advertising. They also say Christian tells you to cold call businesses to pitch his product. And that, when they followed his advice to run Facebook ads, they were banned. Their refund request was also denied.

Digital Nomad False Advertising BBB

Here’s another one. They say “work from anywhere” is a bit misleading; even dangerous if your boss catches you posting all over social media, trying to retire early. Also, they say Christian’s “action-based” guarantee is garbage. That it’s impossible to complete the homework if you’ve still got a day job.

Work From Anywhere Red Flags

And, well, more of the same: forced to cold call businesses; banned from Facebook; fake guarantee; a “complete scam” says this person, who “wishes they never met someone so manipulative.”

Is Christian Martin Digital Nomad Legit

Anyways. You get the idea.

Now. To be fair, the DigitalNomad team has responded to every complaint, even if they weren’t very empathetic. Overall, at the time of writing this, they still maintain a B+ rating with the BBB.

For what it’s worth, I do not think Digital Nomad (or WFA Accelerator) is a ripoff. But if I were Christian Martin, I’d nip this in the bud before it gets worse. Clearly, his refund policy is causing chaos. So change it. Or be more lenient on giving people their money back when they ask for it.

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