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Oasis’ Andrew James Acts Like A Spoiled Little Kid

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I said what I said. Ethos affiliate marketing founder Andrew James is a man-child. He carries on like a seven year old, and I’ll prove it—after the jump.

But first, a case study you might enjoy. My mentor and one of his students show you how to rent little websites, click by click.

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“Ever hung out with a seven year old?” Andrew asks, in his latest email. “What’s their favorite question? It’s, ‘Why?'” he continues.

“Why do people sit like that? Why didn’t they choose a different color for that bench? Why do flowers bloom? And so on.”

“It can feel super frustrating if you’re on the receiving end for hours at a time, but it’s also exactly why seven year olds would make amazing business decisions!”

“Because they aren’t satisfied with face-value, superficial answers. They dig deeper. They want to understand the world, the people, the things, and the places around them.”

“They don’t just accept the first answer given to them, and the deeper answers they end up with actually fuel their growth.”

“Asking why all the time is what helps kids figure out what they really want… what they like… what they actually value… and so on.”

“So anyone wanting more freedom and fulfillment in their life could benefit from asking questions like a seven year old.”

“Because knowing the answers to a few very particular ‘why’s’ is actually critical for success when it comes to building a business online that actually works (so you don’t have to),” Andrew explains, before linking to a video on how to harness this forgotten superpower.

Andrew James—the elevated entrepreneur

Oasis Keep Asking Why

And, in the short video, Andrew explains what he means.

“It starts with the seven-layer-deep question, where you ask, ‘Why?’ seven times to really get to the core of what’s driving you,” he says.

In continuing to drill down by asking, “Why?” over and over, you’ll notice, your reasons move from logical to emotional.

For example, if I asked you why you’d like to learn high-ticket affiliate marketing, you might reply: “To make money.” Okay, why? “To quit my job,” you might say. Again, why? “So I can spend my days doing whatever I want.”

Or whatever it is, right? You get the idea. To where, by the seventh “Why?” you’re saying something like, “So when I’m old and gray and looking back on my life, I’ll know I didn’t waste it!”

Damn. Now that’s the kind of answer that’ll send chills down your spine, huh? And that’s the point, Andrew says.

It’s that emotionally-charged “Why Power” that’ll push you to keep going when you don’t feel like it.

And, as long as you keep that real reason top of mind, every single day, your entrepreneurial gas tank will remain on full.

You’ll be able to out-last and out-perform your competition. And hopefully, one day, you’ll achieve true freedom. Not just financial, but time and location freedom as well.

Of course, you can always book a call with Team Oasis if you’d like their assistance.

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