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“No Days Off,” Says Wes Watson

No days off.  No days off.  No.  Days.  Off!

Gems from this Wes Watson rant:

“It means more if you ‘can’t do it’ and you do it.  Nothing means sh*t if it’s easy to you.”

“The second that [negative] thought pops in your mind, you can choose to win, or you can choose to lose.  You can choose to be a b*tch, or you can choose to beast the f*ck up.”

“I want my life to be a movie that a motherf*cker would watch.  That’s the point.  To live a life that’s worth telling.”

“There’s no days off of life.  Everyone’s got a life sentence.  We all gotta do life.”

“I know it’s mindset.  What strengthens your mindset?  Them motherf*ckin’ Ws, homie.  Stackin’ ’em.”

“It’s simple.  I won all day.  You can’t tell me I’m a loser.  I been winnin’.  By choice!”

“Success is always gonna be in the details.”

“Notice how everyone asks the question they don’t really want the answer to?”

*The “Google it” bit – OMG, so true!  I was dying laughing.


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