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Did Forbes Feature Office Less Agency?

Samad Consulting YouTube Ad

“On this bench is where I started the $7.5 million dollars I made from my office less agency,” Abdul Samad, cofounder of Modern Millionaires, opens with in his latest YouTube ad.

Which brings up so many questions. For instance, is that from actually running an agency? Or from selling suckers the system? And were Abdul and his business partner, Chance Anthony Welton, really featured in Forbes? Read on.

But first, hear from the guy who Abdul and Chance learned from—the one with the crazy hair.

The real Modern Millionaire

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Back to Abdul Abdul Farooqi: “I would sit there and I would stare at the corporate office that laid me off and I was super glad that they laid me off ’cause now, with my officeless agency business, I created the perfect lifestyle for myself,” he continues, lisping ever so slightly.

“And the truth is, my business is very simple. I don’t have any bosses, no employees. I don’t sell any products. I don’t own any inventory,” he adds.

“Last year, my wife and I visited over 23 countries and, while I was having a blast, my business never skipped a beat,” he brags.

“Every single month over a dozen real companies would send me a payment from anywhere between $1,400 and $9,450 every month. Pretty crazy, right?” Abdul asks.

Pause. So right there, if you ask me, he accidentally dry-snitched.

See, if you do the math, only a small portion of that $7.5 million dollars in revenue Abdul flashed at the beginning of the ad was from clients.

Which is fine, if he would just admit it, but he doesn’t. And that’s kinda sketchy.

Abdul goes on to say how he does this by placing simple little ads on Facebook, for example, that make the phone ring for his brick and mortar clients. And that’s it. That’s all he has to do.

Then he bumps into Chance online (in my mentor’s group, which he forgets to mention), teaches him the exact same process, and now Chance, too, has a seven figure agency.

Hmm. I would love to see tax returns for both Abdul and Chance, along with a breakdown of how much came from serving clients and how much came from coaching.

My guess? At least 80% is from coaching. Again, no sweat. But if your whole pitch is based on this incredible income claim, the ethical and lawful thing to do would be to show full transparency.

Next, Abdul drops a bombshell: he claims, because he’s such a great entrepreneur, he’s been written about in online magazines like Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider. Um. He did?

It took some digging, but I finally found the Forbes article. And, when I did, I noticed something strange.

Abdul Samad—Forbes phony?

Abdul Samad Farooqi Forbes Article

For starters, every last one of those “experts” is a marketer who sells a make money online course. Right away, I knew he had to have paid for this mention.

And, whaddya know, right below the headline, there’s proof he did exactly that.

The Officeless Agency Forbes fail

Chance Welton Forbes Fraud

So the truth? Is that Chance and Abdul paid thousands of dollars to get their names on these trusted websites, all so they could fool you into thinking they were a big deal.

Sadly, this is all too common in our industry. (If you read my Tanner Chidester rant, I’m sure you saw this coming from a mile away.)

But why is this okay? And how do people keep falling for it? Guys, use some common sense.

Do you really think f*cking Forbes is so hard up for content, they just had to reach out to get Chance and Abdul’s hot take on business?

Oh, and get this: read the title of the Forbes article again. Now ask yourself: do Chance and Abdul even have kids? Nope!

I mean, it’s laughable. Just no moral compass whatsoever. And they’re making millions of dollars with this misleading marketing. Nucking futs.

I can’t even finish listening to Abdul’s ad. I’m over these guys.

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