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Officeless Agency Masterclass Reviews

Office Less Agency Master Class

The Officeless Agency Masterclass, by Abdul and Chance, is a new training that shows you how to get paid by 5-10 real businesses each and every month. You can do it with no prior experience. It’s bootstrap-friendly. And you can work from anywhere.

This, if you are to believe their sales page. And hey, for 98% off, at a price of $9.94, and backed by a 30-day 100x money back guarantee (where, if you don’t think it’s worth 100 times what you paid for it, they’ll give you a full refund anytime within the first month), it’s probably a no-brainer, right? Maybe. But then again, maybe not.

Before I share my Office Less Agency Masterclass review, I want to introduce you to the guy who taught Chance and Abdul everything they know. Here he is—the dude with the dreads—alongside another one of his 6,373 members, breaking down his “virtual real estate” model:

Okay, so here are some things you should consider before buying Officeless Agency. In looking over their offer, I had seven legitimate concerns. Do any of the following bother you? Read on.

The Modern Millionaire Scam

1. They use fake scarcity. The countdown timer isn’t real. It’s just there to make you think you’ll miss out if you don’t buy now. Truth is, they’ll keep running paid ads to this offer till it’s no longer profitable. Can you trust marketers who tell little white lies to further their agenda?

2. Why’s this so cheap? Could it be because it’s simply a “tripwire” offer designed to recoup as much ad spend as possible before they upsell you into their real program? (Which, if you didn’t know, is called Modern Millionaires and runs upwards of $8,000.) Makes ya wonder: how many unexpected offers will they pitch you once you’re a customer?

3. If you watched the case study video above, you’ll know these two are not the originators of this process. Did they just put their own twist (paid ads instead of free traffic from Google) on what their mentor taught them? If so, why not go straight to the source?

4. And wouldn’t you rather master free traffic anyways, like I’m doing here? That way, when you get a client, you pocket every penny. Whereas, with paid ads, like they teach, the ad platforms are the real winners. Also, the leads are better with organic because they’re actively searching for the services you rank for. As a result, your clients close more of the leads, are happier with your service, and thus stick around longer. Amiright?

5. For less than $10, how much value can you realistically expect? Not much. Yet, if you skim their sales page, you’d swear, all you gotta do is buy the Officeless Agency course, and a McLaren will magically appear in your driveway. If something sounds too good to be true, don’t ya think it generally is?

6. With no shortage of courses and coaching programs all teaching you the same basic skillsets, there’s no reason to spend money on mentors you don’t vibe with. So let me ask you: what does your gut say about Chance and Abdul? Trustworthy? Relatable? Same worldviews as you? Do you like listening to them? Do they inspire and interest you? If not, why settle?

7. I didn’t see any actual examples of Abdul Samad, Chance Anthony, or any of their students implementing what they teach inside of The Officeless Agency program. Partly-blurred out screenshots from their Facebook group don’t count. Those could easily be altered. Or, a lot of times, they’re written by members of their own team (salespeople, support staff, etc.) to build belief in the group. Not sayin’ that’s the case here; just that it doesn’t carry much weight. Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable seeing some of these so-called “online billboards” in action? That way, you know it’s working right now, pandemic and all?

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