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Joshua Osborne BAM Talks A Big Game

Joshua Simple Asset Biz

Badass Marketers (BAM) creator Joshua T. Osborne puffs out his chest and makes some pretty big claims in this “Simple Asset Biz” (aka Rent Digital Assets) Facebook ad I’ve been seeing all up in my newsfeed lately. But before I get into that, here’s the guy Joshua learned from (as did I), doing a case study with one of his more than 6,000+ students:

So Joshua Osborne, using his best informercial voice, says, “This’ll be the last online business system that you’re ever gonna need. And it’s exactly how I went from $42,000 a year moving boxes to now taking home $42,000 a month on autopilot.”

Then he goes on to say that he invented digital real estate, which is basically a micro-version of what billion dollar companies like Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor are doing; and that, even if you could make just 1% of 1% of what behemoth companies like that are raking in annually, you’d be earning a cool $100k a year.

So is it really that simple? Like, wham, BAM, thank you ma’am? (See what I did there?) Yes and no. What I mean is, the model definitely works. Even for the average person.

But he might be over-selling it just a tad. Like when he shows you a live, “simple asset” that he owns that’s making him $1,250 a month, called “Fence Repair Colorado Springs.” Only problem is, he was logged into Google when he did the search for it, where it was positioned at the top of both the Maps Pack and the organic listings. Yet, when I search for it, it’s nowhere to be found. That’s probably because Google shows you custom results when you’re logged in, based on sites you visit frequently.

I’m not calling him out though. Could’ve been an honest mistake. Or maybe, since he’s showing off that case study in an ad that thousands of people are seeing, some Twat Waffle went and messed with it. Maybe got it “slapped” back a few pages. It happens. ‘Cause some people are just evil.

But the gist of what he’s saying here is true. From experience, I can tell you that this process works, even for the average person, as long as you’re willing to do the work. In fact, if Joshua Osborne’s pitch, pics, or landing pages looked familiar?

Online Real Estate Biz Joshua T Osborne

One of Joshua T. Osborne’s squeeze pages for his Badass Marketers funnel.

It’s ’cause, like any good marketer, he’s modeling what his mentor did to sell him the same system back in the day. The system that more than 6,000 members use to make extra or full-time income. (Hey, don’t hate the playa, hate the game, amiright?) Props to Josh and whole BAM crew. He may talk a big game, but it seems like he’s backing it up too, and that’s the most important thing. That he walks the walk. Speaking of which, don’t leave without reading this:

Cory Johnson: semi-professional playlist maker. Energy drink drinker. Could spot a hotspot with his eyes closed. Worth $11 million. Doubts you’ll become a millionaire, but peep this if you’re feelin’ froggy.