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Sam Ovens Net Worth

Sam Ovens Consulting Wealth

Sam Ovens net worth: Sam Ovens is an online entrepreneur, the founder of Consulting.com, and has an estimated net worth of $67 million dollars.

A college and corporate job dropout, Ovens launched his own consulting business from his parent’s garage in New Zealand, where he was born and raised.  He scaled that rather quickly, reaching eight figures in annual sales by age 26.

Today, Ovens is headquartered in New York City, has a second office in Dublin, and rakes in more than $100,000 a day through Consulting.com – a training program that teaches others how to follow in his footsteps and become a highly-paid consultant in their own right.

At the time of writing this, Sam says his training is responsible for 24 millionaires, 251 six figure earners, and 3,121 jobs quit; and he’s got the video testimonials to prove it.

Ovens also made the Forbes 30 Under 30 list last year, which is a first for internet marketers.

Sam Ovens net worth lessons

1) Be ready for backlash when you make unconventional moves.  Ovens took heat from parents, professors, bosses, and buddies when he crumpled up society’s game plan and tossed it in the garbage.  You have to be willing to press forward even when it seems like the whole world’s trying to pull you back.

2) Challenge everything and everyone.  Especially when nobody else will.  This attitude reveals opportunities overlooked by sheeple.

3) You’ve probably seen Sam posing for pictures by his $65,000 Harley-Davidson that sits in his Manhattan penthouse, right?  Well it serves a purpose other than to make him look cool: Sam wanted something controversial by his workstation to remind him to always think independently of the masses.  It doesn’t have to be a motorcycle, but why not do the same?  And use a small reminder to free yourself from the mental cage constructed by the opinions of others?  Seems to work for Sam.

4) Expect and use caution with critics.  I’ve watched for the past year as one anonymous “scam buster” after the next tried to tear down Sam’s brand, but he seems unfazed – even inspired – by the controversy.  Better believe, the bullseye on your back swells with success.  And if you’re not careful, naysayers and trolls and cynics with ulterior motives can really cramp your style.  It takes a unique mindset to thrive in spite of all that negativity.

Anyways, those are my top takeaways from watching Sam Ovens make consulting his you-know-what.

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