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Overages Blueprint Review, Cost, Concerns (Bob Diamond)

Bob Diamond America's Tax Sale Attorney

“There’s a huge government scandal going on that I need your help with,” begins Bob Diamond, “America’s Tax Sale Attorney,” in a recent YouTube ad.

“I’m also going to share a loophole that I discovered into the government’s Billion Dollar Slush Fund that will pay you handsomely for your help,” he continues.

A less confusing way to make money

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“Here’s what’s going on and how you can help,” Bob says. “Every day, the government forecloses on 3,000 or more property owners because they’ve fallen behind on their property taxes.”

“This amounts to roughly $14 million dollars in tax sale foreclosures every single day. Let me give you an example.”

“Let’s say that someone didn’t pay their taxes for three years, which amounts to roughly $22,000 in back taxes and penalties on a $200,000 property. The property goes to auction and an investor ‘steals’ it for $100,000. With me so far? The government uses $22,000 to pay off the taxes due, leaving an excess of $78,000,” Bob explains.

“That led me to ask one simple question that launched me into a new adventure and made me (and a few people I’ve shared it with) millions of dollars over the years.”

The question was: what happens to all that extra money? The answer? According to Bob, the government is hoarding it. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here’s where you come in. Bob’s loophole will allow you to recover these funds for the former homeowner, and make some money for yourself in the process.

It gets better. You don’t need any licenses or skills or even experience to take part. Other than Bob’s hidden formula, all you need is a phone, a laptop and an internet connection, he says.

“And with 15,000 people losing their houses every week, I simply can’t handle all these myself,” he adds, addressing the elephant in the room.

The ad ends and you’re asked to register for a free training to learn more. Okay, Bob, let’s see whatcha got.

Bob Diamond’s webinar

Bob Diamond Hidden Loophole

It kicks off and Bob summarizes what he told us in the ad: in these overage situations, if the former owners don’t ask for what they’re owed, the local government keeps it.

But if you intervene and help these people get what they’re owed, you can pocket a finder’s fee of 30-40% on each and every deal.

How does it work? You get the leads online, contact them, pitch them on your service, and, if they agree, you do your thing (which Bob will teach you how to go and recover the money).

An average deal, Bob claims, takes about 10 hours, start to finish, and your cut will be about $10k.

What about expenses? Bob says it’ll only cost about $70 for you to work a deal.

Hmm. At this point, it sounds way too good to be true. You’d be making roughly $1,000 an hour and there’s virtually no risk.

Why don’t these people just ask for the money themselves, right? Bob says they typically don’t have a clue they’re owed anything. Plus, they’re embarrassed and just ready to close that chapter and get on with their life.

You can do deals all over the U.S., with the exception of New York, Colorado, and Michigan, as those three states “keep the change.”

You’ll need air-tight contracts, obviously, which is where Bob the lawyer comes in handy—he’s got the forms you need.

Say you land a willing client and help them get their money back. How long before you get paid? On average, Bob says it’ll take four months for you to get your check.

Won’t Bob slit his own wrist by opening this up to others? Nah, he says, there’s more leads than he could serve in several lifetimes.

His program is called Overages Blueprint

TaxSaleBlueprint.comIf you’d like Bob to train you and give you the tools, systems and support to cash-in on this opportunity, you can buy his Overages Blueprint program for $1,497 (or three monthly installments of $597).

Not gonna lie, at first, I thought Bob Diamond was a fake name and the dude in the ad was probably an actor. If not, I was sure once I watched the training I would determine it was, at the very least, scam-adjacent.

But after sitting through everything, I have to say, Bob and his bidness seem legit.

Still, there are a handful of concerns that come to mind.

One, I can only imagine how awkward it would be cold calling these poor people who just lost their home.

Two, getting them to agree to work with me sounds near impossible. If I was them, I’d be like, “Thanks for letting me know I’m owed money; I’ll contact ’em myself and keep 100% of it. KthxbiFelicia!”

Three, waiting at least four months to get paid wouldn’t sit well with me.

Four, contract or not, people are shady. I’d still be somewhat concerned they’d change their mind about throwing me a meaty 40% commission just for leeching off their hardship.

Five, it makes sense that this is all easy for Bob “America’s Tax Sale Attorney” Diamond. But for my itty-bitty brain? And non-attorney-at-law-ass? It’s way too confusing. Just hearin’ him talk about all the different states and regulations and exceptions made me wanna go down the biggest YouTube rabbit hole ever and forget all about these overwhelming overages.

For those reasons, it would be a hard-no for me personally. But hey, you do you. Or, click below for an alternative.

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