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Put Your Own Oxygen Mask On First

Oxygen Rule

If you’re flying on an airplane and cabin pressure suddenly changes and the oxygen masks come down, and there’s a kid sitting next to ya, whaddya do?  You put your own mask on first, doncha?  Reason being: hard to help anyone once you’re unconscious.

Same goes for the busy businessperson.  Remember this rule.  You have to be a little selfish to be unselfish, effectively.  You can’t give your best to family, friends, or work if you’re running yourself ragged.

Which is why I’m suggesting you schedule in activities every so often to recharge the ol’ batteries.  Aim for a minimum of three hours a week, three days a month, and three weeks a year.

This is non-negotiable.  There’s no right or wrong activities – just whatever makes you feel the best.  Meditation, jogging, flotation therapy, staycation, disconnecting from the internet and reading a good book or five, anything you like.  But this is in addition to your daily routine.  So make it extra special.

And if anyone says you’re slackin’, tell ’em it’s the opposite.  That you’re slowing down to speed up.  Doing less to do more.  And that they should try doing the same.

Cory Johnson: your momma’s neighbor’s side chick’s last Uber Eats delivery guy’s third-favorite blogger. Here’s how he makes millions of dollars blogging without being bothered.