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Fabi Paolini Reviews: Online Brand Strategy, Business Coach

Fabi Paolini Coaching Coaches

Fabi Paolini reviews the proper way to make a high-ticket offer, plus how to leverage your “secret sauce,” make more sales, and scale your online business. Before I share Fabi’s finest advice, however, consider watching this case study to discover a practical way to stack recurring revenue on the books each month:

Cool, now here are some words of wisdom from Fabi Paolini…

“I’m going to give you a little secret to success: success will come to those that simply don’t give up. Do you know how many times I had to do my webinar before it worked? Eleven! You know what has happened after the 11th version? I have probably made 7-figures in my business over the years. I could have given up on version three. I could have thought it was never going to work by version six. I could have changed strategy by version eight. But I didn’t; and here I am today.”

“There are too many people looking for instant gratification—thinking that they need to do this one thing and they will be rich by Monday. Newsflash, that’s not how it works. What does work is getting up over and over and over again. Having the tenacity, resilience, and (frankly) stubbornness to make it happen. Declaring: it’s mine, no matter what and I will do what it takes no matter how long it takes.”

“What if you actually let go? What if you decided to stop worrying, stop pushing, stop controlling—and let things happen without so much anxiety? I promise your life would change faster than you could imagine. Give it a shot, let me know how it goes.⁣”

Fabi Paolini Brand Strategy

“Thinking that ‘the market is too saturated’ and it’s the reason why you are having a hard time standing out… is a mistake.⁣ At the end of the day, the market has shifted into becoming an ‘Identity Economy’… which means that people buy based off of your identity and how it resonates with their own.⁣ When people say ‘authenticity sells,’ it’s quite literally true. What this means for you is that the more different and unique you are, and more you can ‘turn your secret sauce into salsa,’ the more you will captivate and attract your ideal audience… no matter how many people are out there.⁣ This is why you want to make sure that you are paying attention to how you communicate and show who you are.⁣”

“I refuse to be transactional—to just think about people as numbers and metrics while forgetting that behind all that is a person full of dreams and aspirations.⁣ Instead, I choose to be intentional about my words, my energy, my message—because I know they make an impact.⁣ I take a stand against these gurus that don’t seem to care and I choose to put connection first.⁣”

“I spent the last few days trying to figure out a new structure within my funnels in my business and whoa, that was insane.⁣ You see, when I get an idea in my brain, I become super obsessive until I can figure out the pieces. And I go back and forth and force my poor brain to find a solution.⁣ That is, until I get out of my brain and do what I call ‘getting back to truth’ where I write out what’s going on and leave out the drama.⁣ And BAM! There comes my solution, clear as day. I get it and it feels like whoomp, there it is! And of course, it was the simplest, most obvious solution that was right in front of me all along. Overthinking once again? You bet. But I won this battle, brain. Check mate!”

Fabi Paolini Content Marketing

“People think that they need an audience to build success in their business and they go out and spend their resources, time and money doing it all to get more followers.⁣ But having followers doesn’t guarantee success, just like not having followers doesn’t equal failure. Case in point: I’m not an influencer, yet I’m super successful in my own business. What most people don’t get is that building a successful authority brand is actually the thing that will bring the right audience instead. After all, so you think that every successful person out there started with a following? I don’t think so. It’s about generating authority content that speaks to the right people and creating a message that pulls people in; and then knowing how to turn them into clients.”

“[On being an immigrant] The last few years have been challenging, and have brought more growth that I could have ever imagined. I am not the same person that left Venezuela five years ago. And the truth is, I’m grateful for that.⁣ I have created a new home, now with two girls and a life full of happiness and joy. I hope someday my girls will get to meet the place their parents are from.”

“‘What brought you here won’t get you there.’ I’ve been spending the last few weeks massively up-leveling in my business.⁣ Hiring a team, hiring coaches for my clients, testing new strategies and executing a bunch of new tactics as a way to shake things up in my business.⁣ (Which is why I haven’t been as present on Instagram lately as I would have liked to be.) And I notice that when change comes around, my mindset goes all over the place. Turns out, my mind thinks it’s scary to grow and get out of my comfort zone. Who knew?⁣ But I fight through the fear, I get back to my truth and stay focused on what I want. I look for support around me and I re-align myself.⁣ And as I let go, everything flows again.⁣”

Fabi Paolini Entrepreneur

“What’s up with people that believe that they need like a million certifications in order to be seen as professionals or to charge what they are worth?⁣ People that are all about reaching those ‘10,000 hours’ tend to stay stuck in this forever. They are always one thing away from success.⁣ If I had a dime every time I heard a client say this… and yet every time they launch, they kill it with success. Stop. Postponing. Your. Success.⁣ Seriously. The world needs you yesterday and all those certifications and stories you are telling yourself as to why you are ‘not ready?’ They are just stories!⁣”

“Just get in the water! It’s so common for entrepreneurs to feel stuck in trying to get clarity in their business, first, before they take action.⁣ You don’t learn how to swim by watching videos on swimming; you don’t become a great entrepreneur by reading a bunch of books on it. Just get in the freaking water and take action.⁣ The truth is that the biggest difference between successful entrepreneurs and those that feel invisible… is that one group keeps ‘waiting for clarity’ while the other one moves forward despite not knowing it all.⁣”

“Which will you choose?⁣ Will you pay with money: hiring mentors, investing in advertising, contracting things to be done for you, hiring a team, or buying software that works better? Or… will you⁣ pay with time: hustling your way up, generating a ton of content, spending hours researching and consuming free information, going through trial and error to get it right, or even doing it all yourself? There is validity to both. But what I know to be true is that paying with time can cost you more than you think.⁣ Which is why I invest in my business often because I know I don’t have time to waste—and neither do the people that need to hear my message right now. So… which one are you willing to sacrifice?”

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