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PartyNextDoor Net Worth

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PartyNextDoor net worth: Jahron Anthony Brathwaite, aka PartyNextDoor (styled in all uppercase), is an R&B singer with a net worth of $9 million dollars. Now peep these 10 PartyNextDoor facts.

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1. PartyNextDoor’s date of birth is July 3, 1993. He grew up just outside of Toronto in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. His dad is from Trinidad and his mom is from Jamaica. Taking after his mom, he began singing in the church choir at a young age. He was inspired by Jodeci, Boyz II Men, Blackstreet and 112, all of which his dad listened to frequently. He is six feet two inches tall.

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2. After making a few electronic-infused R&B songs in high school, PartyNextDoor signed a songwriting deal with Warner/Chappell at age 18. He ended up writing “Work” and “Wild Thoughts” for Rihanna, which reached number one and two, respectively, on the Billboard Hot 100.

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3. Eventually PartyNextDoor got tired of writing songs for other artists. Plus, he started smoking weed. This led to songwriting that was much more personal—to the point where it wouldn’t make sense for anyone else to sing the lyrics. So he moved to Miami and began pursing record deals. (Reminds me of Saint Jhn.)

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4. How’d he get his name? Believe it or not, PartyNextDoor was a production filter in the music-making software he had been using (called FL Studio). Without much thought, he swiped it and ran with it.

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5. So how did PartyNextDoor get discovered by OVO? Drake producer Boi-1da found his Myspace page and sent OVO co-founder Oliver El Khatib several emails with samples of Party’s work. Oliver forwarded the songs onto Drake, who gave ’em a listen, and replied, “Yo, that Party kid’s nice!” Not long after, he was an official member of OVO Sound.

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6. Much like Kanye and Russ, PartyNextDoor can do it all: write, produce, engineer, sing and perform. Not only does this speed up his music-making process, but it allows him to create a final product that’s exactly the way he had envisioned it in his head.

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7. A normal recording session for PartyNextDoor sounds like beautiful chaos: “I work on a lot of things at once, like I flip through sh*t. My mind works so fast and I have so many ideas, so I might write something down in my phone that might work better for another song that I was working on. So, everything’s like a puzzle to me and I like to figure out things on my own, be in my own state of mind and have clarity,” he tells MTV.

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8. PartyNextDoor likes to fly under the radar. He tries to avoid the press, rarely does interviews, and hardly posts to social media. “I would never call myself mysterious,” he told The Fader. “The word I use is ‘private.’ I’m not hiding from pictures. I just don’t want to live in this fantasy where I act like everybody cares, and then I look like a jackass with someone filming me in the airport.”

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9. On that note, PartyNextDoor also has a strict “no selfie” policy. Reason being, back in the day, after letting a fan snag a selfie with him at one of his shows, the pic ended up on a celebrity gossip blog called Baller Alert, along with a totally made up story about how the two of them were dating. Not cool. So Party put the kibosh on that.

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10. PND allegedly hooked up with Kylie Jenner at one point, and used to date singer Kehlani, but that’s about all we know about his romantic life. He does not have any kids. He did get one of his exes pregnant, but she ended up having an abortion. He talked about what he would have said to the child, in an early song of his called “Daughters.” Party follows a “loose paleo diet” and often fasts until early in the afternoon. Oh, and don’t compare him to The Weeknd. He hates it.

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