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Patricia Bright Net Worth, New YouTube Channel Income


Patricia Bright launched her new YouTube channel on January 4, 2020 as a creative outlet. She wanted to talk about money, personal finances, and personal development—something she never got to do as a fashion influencer, which is where she got her start.

It made total sense given she went to school for accounting and worked in the finance industry (specifically, banking and consulting) for over six years. “I’ll be honest: when I started this channel, I was pretty scared about doing it because I didn’t really think I was qualified,” she explained.

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Patricia was worried about what the cynics would say: “You know, ‘You’ve been a beauty guru for all these years. Why would you be talking about investing and finances and all that kind of stuff?’ And I just wanted to talk about it. I was really interested in it,” Patricia said. So she decided to go for it, not expecting much in terms of results.

She was wrong. Fast forward to present day: Patricia Bright is closing in on 400k subscribers as I type this. She’s gotten more than 12 million views. More important, she’s enjoyed pushing herself out of her comfort zone. She just hopes she’s not being too hypocritical since, on one hand, she’s shopping for designer handbags, and on the other, she’s telling you to save your money.

How does Patricia Bright make money on YouTube?

First, through Google AdSense. Any revenue generated by ads that play during her videos, she gets a cut of. That amounted to just over six figures in the last year: $101,352.95, to be exact. Although, she admits her existing audience in the beauty and fashion space helped her build momentum much quicker than if she had started with no followers. Her most profitable video was one she did on the habits that made her a millionaire. It brought in over $12k in 12 months.

Second, Patricia profits off of sponsorships and affiliate marketing. This income stream nearly matched her ad earnings, making her and additional $99,000 on the year. Skillshare sounded like her main partner; and she charges as much as $20k per promotion.

YouTuber Patricia Bright

Patricia Bright looking like popcorn shrimp.

Third, there’s product and course sales. Last year, this amounted to roughly six figures as well. (She’s nothing if not consistent.)

You don’t need a calculator to add that up: in 2020, Patricia did basically $300k with her new YouTube channel. She believes the Coronavirus contributed to her success as well: “It sounds really bad, but the pandemic meant that people were looking for alternative ways to learn and educate themselves and I was just there at the right time creating some of that content,” she said.

That’s encouraging if you’re thinking about launching a new YouTube channel yourself. “Even if you think you’re not that good or not qualified, just don’t allow the voice of discouragement stop you from doing something you’re interested in doing. Just try. What’s the worst that could happen? You get no views. Fine, whatever. It’s [still] worth it,” Patricia says.

Anyhoo. Net worth. That’s what you came here to find out. So here it is: when you combine this income from Patricia’s new YouTube channel with her main beauty influencer biz, we estimate she’s worth about $4 million dollars. For more, here’s a complete breakdown.

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