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James Patterson Net Worth

James Patterson Wealth

James Patterson net worth: James Patterson is an author and philanthropist with an approximate net worth of $475 million dollars.

Patterson went to Vanderbilt before taking an advertising job at a firm called J. Walter Thompson.  He went on to become an executive before retiring to spend more time writing.  And write he did.

James Patterson has now penned a staggering 147 novels; with 114 New York Times bestsellers; holds the Guinness World Record for most number one New York Times bestsellers by a single author (67, if you were wondering); totaling a whopping 305 million copies sold globally; and, oh yeah, that’s more than Stephen King, John Grisham, and Dan Brown combined.  Damn!

Add it all up and Forbes has Patterson pocketing $700 million or so over the last decade; and about $100 million last year alone.

I don’t know about you, but my two takeaways from Patterson’s path to riches are: (1) advertising is one helluva foundation from which to build off of, and (2) it pays exponentially more to be prolific than perfect.

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