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Payton Welch Net Worth And Sales Secrets

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When he’s not filming new YouTube ads for Sales Mentor or Inbound Closer or adding rental homes to his portfolio, Payton Welch creates some solid content around mindset, marketing and sales.

Below I’ll summarize his keys to closing more high ticket deals, then we’ll take a look at how much money he’s made. But first, an extra income stream that’s slicker ‘n’ a whistle.

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“In sales there are really two components: technique and identity,” Payton explained in a Traffic and Funnels podcast. “And the majority of your sales success is gonna come from your identity. Energy. Belief. How you feel about yourself.”

Payton says to think of your identity as that perfect person you want showing up on the sales call. If we’re talking 80/20 Rule, it’s gonna account for about 80% of your success.

Whereas, the techniques—objection handling, all that sexy stuff—only accounts for about 20% of your ability to close.

So if you’re struggling to sell, ask yourself: is this an identity problem or a technique problem? More often than not, he says, it’s gonna be the former.

The irony is, nobody wants to talk about (or do the work to improve) their identity. They’d rather discuss tricks and tactics. Don’t do this. Run towards the fire, suggests Payton. Get rid of your limiting beliefs and lazy habits.

The punchline? Carry yourself like you’d want your perfect prospect to, and you’ll collect more cash. Speaking of which.

How rich is Payton Welch?

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Here’s what we know: Payton was working in a department store, getting paid peanuts, when his boss rewarded his outstanding effort with a piddly 40 cent raise. It was then he decided to do something else.

Conveniently, big bro, Taylor Welch, handed him a sales gig at Traffic & Funnels. Nepotism aside, he apparently sold his ass off, earning hefty commissions that bumped him up a few tax brackets.

Being the serial sellers of info products they are, the Traffic & Funnels team saw an opportunity to roll Payton’s story into a course called the Inbound Closer Accelerator.

That’s probably how you ran into Payton in the first place, huh? By seeing one of their cringey YouTube ads promoting it? (Same.)

Now, I’m assuming since Payton is the face of this program and he’s the one providing support for the supposed “1,621 people who’ve used Inbound Closer to replace their 9 to 5 within 21 days,” he’s got some equity in that business.

Is it 33%, split evenly between Taylor, Chris, and Payton? Or, since he’s the one doing the heavy lifting, did they give him 50% and chop the rest? I’m assuming it’s the latter.

If so, and please understand this is a very rough estimate, but we’d put Payton’s net worth at $2 million dollars, and rising steadily.

Payton reinvests his profits

Payton Welch House Portfolio

All of the Traffic & Funnels guys are taking their millions of dollars in profit from course and coaching sales and using it to scoop up rental properties, or sometimes wholesale deals or fix and flips, depending on the project.

I think the real play, though, is humble bragging about said deals on social media to get you to invest in their Wealth Cap Holdings thingy.

Which is a slippery slope. Yes, it could make them truly wealthy. Like, to where their kids’ kids are set. But when you gamble with other people’s money and things don’t go according to plan? Chaos and class action lawsuits ensue. Ask Grant Cardone.

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