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Randall Pich Net Worth


Randall Pich’s R8 is cleaner than your cousin’s church shoes.

Randall Pich grew up on the east side of Long Beach, California. He was surrounded by poverty and gangs. Luckily, he chose skateboarding over gang banging. Randall was a natural hustler. He would sell anything he could to put a few extra bucks in his pocket. In high school, he played drums in a punk band. They needed merch to sell, so he took a graphic design class and started making custom T-shirts.

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On his mom’s advice, after high school, Randall went to college and studied kinesiology. He worked part-time as a personal trainer. That job taught him a lot about mindset, communication, systems, and sales. Eventually, he takes those skills and branches out on his own, running highly-profitable bootcamps. Then he partners with a buddy who had a small clothing shop in Long Beach, and starts creating custom tees again.

That evolved into making merchandise for his training clients. Which was the start of Randall’s ultra successful streetwear fitness brand, Live Fit Apparel (#LVFT). Next, he hopped on social media and began uploading pictures and videos of his bootcampers proudly sporting his stuff. Now he had people who didn’t even train with him begging to buy his hoodies, shirts, joggers, etc.

In the early days of Live Fit, Randall was working out of a cramped little warehouse, doing almost everything himself, with the exception of a few friends who helped out once in a while. In 2013, he hired his first official employee. The next few years were riddled with growing pains. Audits, patent problems, trademark trolls, disgruntled ex-employees who tried to sue over some nonsense. You name it, Randall can probably claim it.

Randall Pich LVFT

Randall Pich out here lookin’ fresher than an ATM twenty.

Today, Live Fit has over 30+ employees working out of a 32,000 square foot facility. Big ol’ business. Mr. #MaxOut, Ed Mylett, asked Randall why he thinks he was able to blow it up so much. Randall paused for a second, then said: “Man, there’s so many factors, but if I were to choose one? I’d say the relatability of the culture, ya know? That generation of people that are into fitness, but also, like, surfing, skating—[the brand] is like a safe haven for them.”

Randall’s managed to mix the two worlds of fitness and fun. Live Fit isn’t merely about eating healthy and working out; it’s also about a lifestyle that says yes to fast cars, neck tats, loud music, and going out for a few beers with your buddies. It’s all the above. A specificity and edginess that Nike, for example, is far too corporate to pull off.

One of Randall’s best social media marketing tips, especially if you’re in the fashion space, is to create templates or mockups of what you’re thinking of coming out with, post it, get feedback, and see if it’s something people are willing to spend their money on. If so, then you go ahead and produce it; if not, you just saved yourself some serious time and capital.

Regarding Randall Pich’s net worth

Anyways. How much money has Randall Pich made so far? According to several sources online, his net worth is around $3.5 million dollars. For more on his inspiring story and what the future holds, the following video is must-watch.

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