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Ryan Pineda Net Worth: From MLB To Millionaire


Ryan Pineda was born and raised (and still lives in) Las Vegas, Nevada. He fulfilled his childhood dream when he became a professional baseball player—signing with the Oakland A’s in 2010. However, three years later, at age 23, he was released from the team. 

For the next five years, he played semi-pro, through an independent league. This allowed him to travel all over the United States, and even abroad. Ryan loved every minute of his baseball career and wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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But, truth be told, he didn’t make much money at all during those eight years. Luckily, he was smart enough to get his real estate license on the side. The first home he purchased, he and his cousin went in on a bachelor pad together. They “house hacked it” and rented out the other three rooms to their friends, which basically covered the mortgage.

Two years later, he married his wife, Mindy, who wasn’t about to go and live with a bunch of dudes in a dirty crib. So he sold the home and made a little bit of money. It wasn’t a lot, but it opened Ryan’s eyes to the power of real estate.

Just one small problem: he was garbage as a realtor. In all of his years selling houses, Ryan never even crossed six figures in commissions.

In desperate need of a way to provide for his young family, Ryan started flipping couches. Yes, couches. He’d go on Craigslist, buy a couch for $100, clean it up a little bit, and go resell it for $300. Get this—that hustle, at its peak, was making him over eight grand a month!

Ryan Pineda Flipping Houses

Of course, after a while, Ryan became bored with that business. Also, he knew it wasn’t scalable. After seeing an infomercial for “how to flip houses with no money down,” he began to educate himself via the Bigger Pockets website and podcast. Armed with $10,000 in savings and a bunch of 0% interest credit cards he took cash advances on, Ryan went all-in on real estate investing.

Two flips later, he was up $40k. From there, he just kept rolling his profits over into the next property. Eventually, he found his first private money lender, and that’s what really propelled his business forward.

“I’ll never forget this,” Ryan recalled. “It was 2017. I had all these flips goin’ on. And I was still playing baseball in Fargo, North Dakota. I was in the dugout, super stressed out because I had all these deals, my phone was ringin’ off the hook, I was goin’ after games, responding to emails—it was crazy.”

“And I was having the worst season of my career, and I got released. And I just felt like that was God tellin’ me to go full-time into this new career. And I did. And the minute I retired from baseball was when things just took off,” he said.

Ryan Pineda Cars

Since then, Ryan’s done over 300+ deals. Fix ‘n’ flips. Rentals. Wholesales. You name it. He also owns a brokerage called Forever Home Realty, with nearly 50 agents working under that umbrella. Then there’s his CPA firm, called True Books, which specializes in taxes and bookkeeping for real estate investors.

Last, is his education company, Future Flipper, which offers a number of courses and coaching programs that teach others how to invest in real estate regardless of experience.

“For me, it’s all about improving. I wanna improve in everything I do,” Ryan says. “I wanna have the best companies in all those sectors.” Long-term, he hopes that’s where his YouTube channel ends up as well—amongst the REI greats like Graham Stephan and Meet Kevin.

Now for his net worth. According to Ryan himself, his 30 rental properties are worth about $7 million. Minus $5 million in loans equals $2 million. Plus $900k in cash. Plus $200k in a SEP-IRA. Plus 41 active flips, which he estimates will provide him a net-profit of $1.2 million dollars. So overall, that comes out to about $4.3 million in personal net worth.

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