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90 Day Pipeline Review, Price (Ahmad Munawar)


“The only way to get consulting clients in today’s market is cold email,” 90 Day Pipeline founder, Ahmad Munawar, says sarcastically in a new YouTube ad. “No, no, wait, sorry, no. I’m sorry. One more time. The only way to get consulting clients in today’s market is… Facebook ads.”

“No, no, hold on… hold on. Just a minute here. It’s LinkedIn. No, no: Instagram. Kidding. It’s referrals. Or is it podcasting?” he jokes.

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“I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of marketers showing up in the feed just like this, tellin’ me that there’s only one way to do something, and it happens to be their way; and the only way to do it their way is to buy their course or their program.”

“And everything else is dumb, stupid, dead, and won’t work for you, and you’re a fool for trying it. It’s just not true.”

“Here’s the truth about what it takes to build a thriving six figure, or even seven figure, consulting business that the vast majority of marketers and gurus will not tell you: it actually requires zero silver bullets; zero magic pills; and zero shiny objects.”

“What it requires is good old fashioned strategy and execution. And I know this because I’ve now helped over 300 consultants just like you go from $100k to $500k; or a quarter million to one million; or two million to three million and beyond. Or, from no clients whatsoever to your first five or 10 clients.”

“And we’ve boiled down to a science exactly what it takes. And the truth is, it’s not just one thing. Not just one tactic. Not just one platform.”

“So if you’re curious to learn how our clients get such amazing results, we’ve summarized exactly what they do and how they do it into three simple steps and a 12-minute video that we’ll give ya, for free, no strings attached.”

“Click on the link below and we’ll send it over,” Ahmad suggests, as the ad comes to a close.

Reviewing Ahmad’s 90 Day Pipeline program

Ahmad Munawar Instagram

After going through Ahmad’s entire funnel, I’m impressed. His training was actually pretty helpful.

He talked about “power positioning” and how building desire for your service is a function of value plus scarcity. This, he says, is where the battle is won or lost.

He discussed the “results mechanism” and how you have to get outta the business of selling your time and start selling results instead. Not only can you scale that (if you package it right), but that’s what clients want anyways. The key is to differentiate the process you’ll use to get ’em those results. When you appear to be a category of one, you can charge more.

Last, he emphasized “leadership marketing” and how you need to provide insights and education throughout your marketing to instill confidence in your prospects… so they ultimately pick you and not your competitors.

Ahmad then asks you to book a 15 minute Pipeline call to troubleshoot your own consulting business. On this call, his team will prescribe action steps to maximize these three areas. After that, if interested, they’ll try to sell you his 90 Day Pipeline mentoring.

One source told me 90 Day Pipeline is priced at $8k, but I need to confirm that number. Do I recommend you invest? That’s up to you. But, for once, I actually have nothing bad to say about this offer. If you market your stuff ethically and honestly and you know your sh*t, you’re cool in my book.

However, if you’re unsure about consulting and you’d prefer a simpler, more behind-the-scenes business model, you might wanna check out the article below.

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