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Daniel Pope Reviews (Be Known Today)

BeKnownToday.com Facebook Ad

Daniel Pope will show you how to create a “revenue river” even if you step away from your online business for a bit. Can you trust him? You’ll find out shortly. Read on for my Be Known Today review. First things first though.

I’d like to introduce you to my mentor. He’s the douchey looking dude with dreads in the video below. The other guy? Is another one of his now more than 6,000 students. But just watch this, carefully, and they’ll show you simple, sorta-passive income streams you can copy. Cool?

When I click the button to learn more on Daniel’s FB ad, I get taken to the red-headed stepchild of squeeze pages. But hey, ugly and neglected works. (Just ask Dan Henry.) Especially when your hook is so appealing: who wouldn’t want a risk-free bump in business? Right?

Daniel Pope Case Study

So I tap the green button, enter my junk email I use for every internet marketer list I sign up to, and I’m redirected to your typical pitch page. Ya know: video, social proof nobody believes anymore ’cause they’ve seen so much of it, and a button to “apply now.”

Be Known Today Done For You Service

But let’s see if his case study is all fluff or if Daniel dishes out some value. I press play and, after Daniel squeezes lemon juice in the open cuts of frustrated coaches and course creators, he introduces the remedy.

It’s called the “Community Launch” method, and consists of five components. They are:

  1. Get attention (build pressure).
  2. Host a five-day bootcamp in a Facebook group (pressure cooker).
  3. Present a high-value, high-ticket offer at the end (release the pressure).
  4. Follow-up consistently (multi-touchpoints).
  5. Shut it down (scarcity, FOMO).

By skipping the usual guru ascension model, where you start out by selling a tiny offer, then some mid-ticket offers, and then, at some point, your mack daddy offer? You yank out all sorts of steps and headaches that would otherwise hold you down, Daniel points out. (Amen!)

Inside the Facebook group, he continues, you’ll want to teach something that compliments (or leads into) your signature program. On day four, Daniel recommends soft-selling said signature offer, at a discount, with bonuses. Next three days, you sell hard at full price. Then you shut ‘er down.

He also said, based on his experience, if your course costs $2,500 or less, you can go straight to a sales page and use an automated sale. If it’s more than $2,500, the application to phone sale works best.

Honestly? Pretty solid advice. Nothing I could shoot holes in. There was one slimy thing though. Daniel suggested you “reopen the cart” one week later, from Friday through Sunday, and basically lie about why you’re doing it.

As in, “So many people are begging to get in, and those who already bought are absolutely loving it, so here’s your surprise second chance to get in before it’s gone for good.”

I mean, yeah. Of course it works. But it’s also total bullsh*t.

If you can overlook that, Daniel Pope and his Be Known Today team sure seem like the real deal. If you’d like them to do all the heavy-lifting for you, they’d be glad to. Here’s what they offer:

Be Known Today Deliverables

So if you’re legit, receptive to change, and ready to invest, Daniel urges you to book a call to learn more. He doesn’t say exactly how much his Be Known Today Community Launch system costs, but he does make it clear, it ain’t cheap. My guess is at least $10,000. That’s a typical starting point for done-for-you.

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