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Amy Porterfield Net Worth

Amy Porterfield Podcast

Amy Porterfield net worth: Amy Porterfield is a social media expert, online marketer, author, and digital trainer with a net worth we’re estimating at $13 million dollars.

Amy’s entrepreneurial story starts in Corporate America, where she created campaigns for Harley-Davidson.  That experience led to a marketing gig under legendary self-help guru Tony Robbins.

Despite all that, Porterfield struggled trying to branch out on her own.  Like most online entrepreneurs (myself included), Amy suffered from Shiny Object Syndrome, second-guessing, over-complicating, and serious self-doubt.

And when she did gain traction, she realized she was building the wrong business: doing one-on-one consulting, which was hardly any different than the cushy jobs she’d left behind.  Sure, Amy was her own boss, but she was also the employee.

So Porterfield pivoted.  She created an internet business that was scalable.  How?  By packaging up everything she’d learned and organizing it into evergreen courses.  In doing so, Amy could do the work once, but profit from it again and again – without the burnout she experienced doing individual client work.

Porterfield’s programs include courses on list building, webinars, Facebook ads, sales, creating your own courses from scratch, and organic social media marketing.  They’re usually priced between $200 and $2,000 dollars.

Amy also has a top-rated podcast and does public speaking as well as the occasional live event.  Forbes recognized her as one of the Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers, too.  Hunky dory, huh?

Whether you listen to her podcast for free, invest in any of her paid training, or just reverse-engineer her funnel, there’s a lot to be learned from following Amy Porterfield.

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