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7 Clever Print Ads

Cassette Dad

1. Kiss FM 97.7

  • “Yeah, well, at least ‘CD’ sent me child support.  D*ck.”

Bad Breath Ambulance

2. Listermint Mouthwash

  • Breath like a bum sh*t in his mouth.
KitKat Bench

3. KitKat

  • Major munchies.
Hospital Helmet

4. Lazer Helmets

  • Hey, at least his male pattern baldness was spared.
Orange Bra

5. Wonderbra

  • Wouldn’t mind givin’ those a good squeeze.
Glassex Magic

6. Glassex

  • Clear, like the conscience of a sociopath.
Sleep Hands

7. One Life

  • He must not have went to college.  Wink.

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