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Privacy Policy

We at Millyuns.com don’t screw around when it comes to your privacy.  That’s because, despite being the single most important technological revolution of our lifetime, the internet is also a dirty, dangerous place.  If precautions aren’t taken.  But fear not.  Here’s what we’ve done to ensure your time here is awesome and safe.


We employ Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS).  It’s like the bulletproof brother of HTTP – or how data is sent back and forth between this website and whichever browser you’re using.  Remember, the “S” literally means secure.  Notice the padlock icon in your address bar?  You’ll see the same symbol when you log in to your bank or shop at Amazon.

Personal information

Should you submit any personal information – like name, email, phone or address – only authorized personnel who work for Millyuns can view it.  No personal information will ever be rented, sold, or compromised in any way.  The one exception is if law enforcement, for some crazy reason, requests it.  In which case, we have no choice but to sing like a canary.


This silly term allows us to recognize you and the devices you view our website from, as well as monitor how you use our website.  In turn, we can provide a more custom experience; we can automate parts of the sales process; and serve you relevant ads across different websites on the internet.  Although it’s not recommended, you can disable cookies under browser settings.


If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, please reach out to us.