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Private Label Masters Review, Course Cost (Tim Sanders)

Private Label Masters

“Are you looking to start an Amazon business?” asks Tim Sanders in a new YouTube ad. “Don’t be like Joey.”

“Why do I say that? Joey joined a course from somebody who doesn’t even sell on Amazon. Lost him $10,000 on two bad products. Then he joined another course and it got him suspended and completely banned.”

But Joey was able to bounce back. “His income now from Amazon has surpassed his 9 to 5 and he’s about to scale to the moon,” Tim claims.

Then he talks about another student, Rob, who recently sold his Amazon business for $400,000. What do Rob and Joey have in common? They followed a proven step-by-step system from somebody who actually sells on Amazon: Tim. Duh.

“I sell over $13 million dollars [on Amazon] every 12 months. And I was just like you. Just like Joey. Just like Rob,” he says, before asking you to click the little blue button and sign up for his free training.

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I went ahead and checked it out. Tim begins with a brief backstory: grew up poor; graduated high school; got a job at Costco; worked his butt off but still couldn’t climb corporate ladder; reached his breaking point; began selling on Amazon in early 2016; now does eight figures per year, gross; founded Private Label Masters to help others achieve success on Amazon.

So what’s private label? You contact manufacturers yourself, order product, put your own branding and labeling on it, and then sell it yourself, via your own Amazon store.

The benefits? You’re no longer a middleman. So you make more per sale. You have more control as well.

Private Label Masters: what are the steps involved?

Timothy Sanders Reviews

Key number one is that you’re dealing directly with suppliers. Therefore, you’re getting your products for the absolute lowest price possible.

Key number two is leveraging fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). They do, literally, all the heavy lifting—allowing you to run an ecommerce business without having to deal with inventory, packaging, shipping, support, and so on. 

Key number three is compound layering—adding years of experience, skills, and mastery into each step of the private label process. Something Tim teaches inside his course. 

But it’s not all popsicles and baby giggles. Tim says you’ll have to hire top talent in order to succeed. Photographers, copywriters, package designers, logo designers. Yuck.

Who has the time and patience for that? Let alone the money? (On top of all the money you’ll need to order your products from the supplier in the first place. Then there’s paid ads to promote your listings.)

I’m not knocking Tim. Just the business model. Sounds pricey, slow, and a bit stressful.

If that doesn’t scare you off, you can book a call to apply for his Private Label Masters program. It costs $5,000.

What are people saying about Private Label Masters?

Tim Private Label Masters Feedback

Reviews so far are overwhelmingly positive. Granted, you have to take them with a grain of salt. Oftentimes, gurus will incentivize their members to go say nice things about them online. But with that said…

“Tim is a genuine mentor that backs up his knowledge and the content of his course with actual results from his personal Amazon business,” wrote one Trustpilot user.

“Everything he teaches is based on this personal experience and nothing else. He is very transparent and honest… cares about his students… always bringing the best content to the course,” they continued.

“Investing in Tim’s course is the best thing you can do. Tim and his team will provide guidance to every new or experienced Amazon seller 24/7 through the Facebook group and live sessions he gives you access to as part of the course. Worth every penny,” they concluded.

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